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BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Anti-Stain Coating Agent - BOST-HL01
BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Anti-stain & Interleaving Powder: BOST-NPPU1, BOST-NPPU2, BOST-FPPU2, BOST-HP01, BOST-HP02 and BOST-FSP01.
BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Cleaning Agent - BOST-AC01
BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Cutting Fluid - BOST-CLG1
Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. | United States | Manufacturer
The Most Durable Protective Coating Commercially Available
SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS | France | Manufacturer
Revolutionary and unique temporary surface protection developed and offered exclusively by Saint-Gobain to get the best out of to-be-tempered coated glass.
BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Coating Spraying System - SSP-01 Glass Coating Machine
BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Powder Spraying System SSM-01 and SSM-03
Tecglass | Spain | Manufacturer
Supply and development of various ceramic inks have always been one of the main research and development activities of Tecglass.
BOST (Shenzhen) New Material | China | Manufacturer
Glass Interleaving Powder BOST-MP01 and BOST-GP05
Horn Glass Industries | Germany | Manufacturer
FEATURES: Project management, Batch plant, Melting furnace (HORN), Forming, Annealing, Inspection, Packing, Utilities.
Thermoseal Group Ltd. | United Kingdom | Manufacturer
We supply a wide range of primary and secondary sealants suitable for use in the construction of insulated glass (IG) sealed units. Approximately 90% of the European insulated glass market use dual sealing whereby a primary and secondary sealant are used around the perimeter of the IG sealed unit.
Eastman | Belgium | Manufacturer
Vanceva color system allows architects, designers, and glass fabricators to layer several different color interlayers together—in different intensity levels.