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cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
c-cut is a machine designed for laser cutting, drilling and milling of optically transparent brittle materials, primarily for laser processing of glass.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
c-mark consists of a module with laser and 2D-scanner and a lens, optionally available with variable focal lengths.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
The c-matrix series is a heavy-duty and extremely sturdy machine concept developed by cericom.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
The c-vertica series is our latest patented innovation and a true space saver.
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
ceribird is a bird-friendly laser-structured glass, produced on laser machines from cericom.
Glaston Corporation | Finland | Manufacturer
Looking for a versatile tempering machine? Need to produce high volumes of premium quality flat tempered glass? Need to produce larger-than-ever sizes of premium quality tempered glass? Need to produce high-quality flat tempered glass with serial production and high capacity? Looking to explore new opportunities in the flat glass tempering business?
cericom GmbH | Germany | Industry service
For visually impaired or blind people, tactile guidance systems offer orientation possibilities through haptic recognition, for example for finding and operating doors.
Softsolution GmbH | Austria | Manufacturer
All-in-one quality inspection with true scanning technology
Fenzi Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
Fenzi also supplies other products tied to very specific and creative kinds of processing.