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Bystronic glass | Germany | Manufacturer
The B’SPEED is a quick line for insulating glass production that produces triple and quadruple units in the shortest possible cycle time.
Bystronic glass | Germany | Manufacturer
The B’VARIO FLEX and B’JUMBO FLEX are solutions for automatic production of gas-filled and sealed insulating glass units with flexible spacers.
Bystronic glass | Germany | Manufacturer
The B’VARIO TPS and B’JUMBO TPS are individual production solutions for all types of orders providing unique versatility.
Thermoseal Group Ltd. | United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Both our standard and mini bead Eurosiv Desiccant are specifically designed and developed to meet the proposed revisions to EN1279 standards in IG sealed unit production to ensure that their adsorption capacity is optimum in preventing moisture build-up inside the unit.
FOREL | Italy | Manufacturer
Vertical machinery for glass arrissing, edging, drilling and milling. Versatile and reliable solutions for a high quality production, allowing to optimize manpower and manufacturing footprint.
Unelko Corporation | United States | Manufacturer
Invisible Shield PRO® 15 is a complex polysiloxane coating that provides a durable, monomolecular “barrier” on glass to protect it against wear and degradation resulting from use and environmental exposure.
Fenzi Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
The broad and diversified range of Fenzi sealants makes it possible to create IG units that hold their seal for the lifetime of the product.
Thermoseal Group Ltd. | United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Thermoflex Warm Edge is our own high performance, pre-desiccated flexible foamed spacer system with a gas diffusion barrier to minimise gas loss from the edge of the unit.