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CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
Waterjet cutting machines; brembana idroline s, brembana milestone s, brembana aquatec, brembana easyline, smartline. Pressure intensifiers; brembana greenjet, brembana jetpower, brembana easypump.
CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
Cutting tables and slitter lines: Brembana Runner & Brembana Agil & Brembana Runner Line
Glasmik d.o.o. - Branch Office MARIBOR | Slovenia | Distributor
Our offer of different tools for finishing work on glass.
CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
3-4 interpolated axes machining center and 5-axis cnc machining center
Turomas | Spain | Manufacturer
Compact and optimized design. The tables are assembled in a whole to gain strength and avoid possible tensions. Its mechanical design allows the absortion of the vibrations produced by the high accelerations and speeds, thus optimizing the quality and precision of the cut.
CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
Drilling, Milling and edge processing machining centers & Drilling and milling machining centers