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Date: 13 March 2006
Source: Sky Design

Date: 13 March 2006

Internationally renowned designer Arik Levy, has put his name to the Vitrics 3D glass engraving process, after selecting the technology to intricately engrave a table he exhibited at the DesignLab section of the Paris Furniture Show.

The table was designed and crafted by Arik Levy from low iron content glass, which he then passed over Sky Design, Europe’s leading Vitrics 3D laser glass engraving specialist, to apply its unique process to realise Levy’s design.Sky Design is owned by English design entrepreneur Jeremy Buckland, who approached Arik Levy to see if he could utilise the craft in his work, subsequently demonstrating its broad parameters.

“We were looking for a cutting edge contemporary designer who was prepared to put his name to this process and appropriate the technology – and Arik Levy fitted the bill perfectly,” explained Jeremy Buckland, managing director of Sky Design.

Levy designed the 1300 x 500 x 19mm table and Sky Design spent a total of 9 hours engraving a series of ‘honeycomb’ structures within the glass to a depth of 10mm. When the table is observed the design appears to swirl as the combs ‘close’ and ‘open’. This dramatic effect occurs whilst the surface of the glass remains untouched and perfectly smooth.

The table, which is valued at around £6000 remains in the Arik Levy collection.

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