Vacuum Glass, New Comer of Glass Family in the Era of Energy Conservation

Extraordinary insulating performance, extraordinary soundproof performance, anti-dewing, high light transmission and strong windproof capacity… These excellent performances enable vacuum glass to surpass other energy-saving glass such as insulating glass and coating glass, and become a new comer of glass family in the era of energy conservation.

Compared with insulating glass which is the best energy-saving glass currently, the air conditioner in the room with vacuum glazing can save 16~18% of electricity more than that in the room with insulating glazing at the same conditions; in terms of soundproof performance, vacuum glass can reduce over 30dB of noise at average, but 28dB for insulating glass; the effect of light transmission of vacuum glass is also better than the insulating glass, and it is anti-dewing internally; meanwhile, its wind pressure resistant capacity is 1.5 times as strong as the insulating glass. Such excellent performances enable the vacuum glass to be widely used in the industries of building, automobile and solar energy, and have a favorable market prospect.

Since the production of vacuum glass needs the combination with multiple disciplines and processes such as glass process, material science, vacuum technology, physical measuring technology, industrial automation and building science, it’s the frontline product in the glass deep-processing industry. Therefore, vacuum glass also has a very high added value.

It can be forecasted that vacuum glass will surely be the new developing direction of glass industry in the era of energy conservation.

600450 Vacuum Glass, New Comer of Glass Family in the Era of Energy Conservation

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