Toyota Subsidiary Hino Motors Unveils Motorcoach with SPD-Smart Windows at the Tokyo Motor Show

At the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007, Hino Motors, Ltd., a subsidary of Toyota Motor Corporation, is featuring a new concept motorcoach with windows using Research Frontiers' patented SPD-Smart light-control technology.

The S'elega Premium, with its variable tint SPD "smart" windows, was shown earlier today at a press briefing by senior executives of Hino Motors at the Tokyo Motor Show where members of the media were able to experience the benefits of smart windows while sitting in Hino Motors' top-of-the-line S'elega Premium luxury tour bus on display at the show.

SPD-Smart automotive windows allow vehicle occupants to instantly, precisely and uniformly control the amount of sunlight, glare and heat passing through the windows, sunroofs and other glazings. They also block more than 99% of harmful UV radiation.

The S'elega Premium, which has five large SPD-Smart window panels totaling over 11 square meters of glass (more than 36 square feet) on the side of the motorcoach, is featured in a promotional video from Hino and can be seen and experienced at the Tokyo Auto Show through November 11, 2007.

SPD light-control technology is protected by over 500 patents and patent applications held by Research Frontiers Inc., the developer and licensor of the technology used in these instantly dimmable windows. The SPD-Smart windows for the S'elega Premium concept vehicle were produced and supplied by Asahi Glass Company, a licensee of Research Frontiers.

The S'elega Premium is a sleek, modern touring coach with five extremely large and elegantly curved glass panels on its sides. With the touch of a button, the windows go from up to six to eight times darker than a dark conventional automotive window film to approximately as clear as a standard automotive windshield - all in just seconds. The SPD-SmartGlass laminated windows on the S'elega Premium are curved and are approximately 1.1 meters (43.4 inches) tall and most are over 2 meters (81 inches) wide.

These windows are the largest and most optically clear variable tint smart windows ever seen in an automotive vehicle. They allow instant and precise control of how much light, glare and heat pass through the windows, thus creating greater passenger comfort and a more satisfying traveling experience. Other benefits include noise reduction, greater security for both privacy and structural integrity, and the protection of interiors and occupants from heat and harmful ultraviolet radiation. In the tour bus environment, SPD-Smart windows also permit the tour guide to selectively reveal scenery during the tour, thus adding a new and exhilarating dynamic to the travel experience.

600450 Toyota Subsidiary Hino Motors Unveils Motorcoach with SPD-Smart Windows at the Tokyo Motor Show

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