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| When, eighteen months ago, I wrote about evolution of the fused-cast refractories global scenario, I had a serious concern about a market more and more dominated by price-driven decisions and the prevalence of financial aspects within companies…
| During the last few years, the technological know-how and expertise relevant to fused-cast refractories has been made available to the industry.
| At the present stage of marketing development of low-cost suppliers, chances are that glassmakers are contacted by a third party player promoting, representing or in some other way supporting the sale of these refractories.
| For a Glassmaker, inspection of his new furnace, pre-assembled at the supplier premises, is the final act, before accepting shipment of materials selected and ordered months before.
| The work of the German glass sculptor Nabo Gass links innovative finesse with the highest standards for creativity.
| Twelve years ago Susan Engel began working with stained glass and was drawn to the transmission of light through the material.
| Holiday art sales abound this year, as always, offering local art lovers a perfect opportunity to support Northeast Ohio's flourishing scene.
| reported that the intricate fused glass art of Edith Acton and the bold metalworks of Robert Watton will be the featured art selections for October’s Artists of the Month presented by the Wabash Valley Art Guild in the Vigo County…
| Although everyday a number of tourists pass by the Christ Church on the Ridge in Shimla, hardly a few care to peep inside.