Fused-cast refractory know-how; an opportunity not only for the glass industry.

Date: 15 September 2010
Source: www.fusedcast.com

Date: 15 September 2010

During the last few years, the technological know-how and expertise relevant to fused-cast refractories has been made available to the industry.

For the first time, glassmakers have got a chance for a better evaluation of fused cast refractories procurement.

This has been particularly useful in relation to the newly available low-cost sources of these critical refractories, and to the fact that the traditional long term established “confidence” toward “historical suppliers” has been replaced by a more commercially-driven procurement approach. This new scenario leaves open several questions relevant to the reliability of newly approached low cost suppliers, of which, in most cases, very few is known about technological level, technical capability and overall capacity to fulfill Customers’ expectations.

Auditing these aspects, in order to minimize the risk associated to developing relationship with a low-cost sourcing is, therefore, a must for any wise glassmaker. The opportunity offered by fused_cast@technologist.com through the several available services has supported glassmakers in choosing the best refractory applications and supplier, negotiating the best quality/price ratio, consciously inspecting setups and evaluating actual refractory performance.

Yet auditing a potential low-cost manufacturer of fused-cast is of interest not only for glassmakers. Upstream in the supplier chain we can identify other subjects like large Trading Companies, Investment Groups and traditional Refractory Makers that, for different reasons, need evaluating the intrinsic value of a specific low-cost manufacturer among its “peers”.

In particular, whoever entity willing to enter in any relationship, ranging from a mere procurement up to a full Company acquisition (through various steps of strategic alliances and JVs) with said low-cost manufacturers, must make a thorough technical and technological assessment of each potential partner.

In consideration of the substantial level of resources allocation involved in said cooperation, and the relatively high level of failure historically observed, it is beyond doubt that auditing the partnership options is a basic necessity.

Whoever our Customer is, Glassmaker or Investment Bank or Refractory Maker, helping them succeed in making the right choice is our concern and pride.

Do not hesitate calling fused_cast@technologist.com for a free and strictly confidential preliminary evaluation of your project, and a fast quotation of our services.

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