Switchable Privacy Glass by Smartglass

What if you could have a privacy with the flick of a switch? You don’t need to keep wondering because with electronically switchable privacy glass, you can create wide-open spaces or intimate private enclosures in your office, boardroom or your home.

There is an increasing demand for switchable privacy glass as it allows for increased levels of flexibility when designing spaces in the home, the workplace and other areas of our day-to-day lives.As the demand for smart glass has grown, Smartglass International has emerged as one of the premier supplier of electronically switchable privacy glass.Through extensive investment in research and development, Smartglass International has been able to pioneer one of the market’s leading switchable privacy glass products.Smartglass is a specially designed smart glass product that offers end users instant privacy at the flick of a switch.Through the application of a small electrical current, users can immediately transform this smart glass product from clear to opaque and back again.

This transition from clear glass to opaque and back again can be triggered from wall switches, remote controls, movement sensors, light sensors or timers. Privacy Smartglass is a highly innovative building material that can be used to transform any space. Use it in retail spaces to create stylish changing rooms, in hospitals to provide patients with extra privacy or in the home to create a brand new world of possibilities.

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Date: 16 September 2014
Source: www.smartglassinternational.com

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