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Privacy Smartglass, the switchable glass from Smartglass International, is the ideal solution for healthcare environments where instant privacy is required but germ-harbouring curtains or blinds want to be avoided.

Our switchable glass provides a sheer and easy-to-clean surface facilitating hygienic actions whilst offering instant privacy when required.  Royal Sunderland HospitalA recent American study by the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Centre in Ohio found that curtains that hang between patients’ beds in hospitals can become contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria, such a C-Diff, MRSA and VRE.The increasing prevalence of these bugs stress the benefits of glass over curtain.


Royal Sunderland Hospital

Privacy Smartglass has been installed in some of the most prestigious healthcare establishments in the UK including the Royal Sunderland Hospital, St Mary’s Paddington Hospital, West Wales General Hospital, and Derriford Hospital.

Whilst providing a tangible function to help fight the spread of harmful infections in hospitals, Privacy Smartglass also helps hospitals generate interest about their facilities. The BBC did a piece on the Royal Sunderland Hospital’s high-tech wards featuring our switchable glass for example:


To see more Privacy Smartglass healthcare images, be sure to head over to our Projects Page!

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Date: 13 December 2013
Source: www.smartglassinternational.com

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