Smartglass and Glartique

Ever wondered how privacy smart glass can be used in art? Electronically, privacy glass can offer privacy on demand.

There is no better company than Glartique, which – with its knowledge and experience – will help to create a smart glass piece of art!    Who could advise us better in art, if not a designer and artist, Ashley Philips who is the founder of Glartique?  As this company experiments with different designs and materials, we believe that our Smartglass product will be an excellent addition to its famous portfolio. The concept of functional art with a unique design is a perfect combination, one which is both beautiful and durable.  A wide range of glass products from partitions to display cases, windows, doors and even splash backs can now have a unique feature – a quick transition from opaque to transparent.How does switchable glass work?Smartglass Switchable Privacy Glass illuminates environments creating multi-functional spaces that adapt and respond to the needs of users at the flick of a switch.The transition from clear glass to opaque can be used to transform any space.  Customers can choose from an excellent selection of  Glartique’s artwork on a specialized interlayer and then laminate it between liquid crystal privacy glass. The artwork is visible from either side and guarantees high durability.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke design, standard design or featured artwork with a led light, Glartique is the right place to design your artwork that will add a ‘wow’ factor to an existing space or become a main feature of a new one.

Bespoke art design can be used in commercial projects or hospitality.  A wide selection of artwork helps to achieve a certain look whether traditional or modern.  Any project needs a bit of imagination to make it happen. The functional solution and high end specification is just what is required to finish a design project in style.

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600450 Smartglass and Glartique
Date: 7 November 2014

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