SLC SmartGlass from SmartGlass International

Date: 3 April 2009
Source: SmartGlass International
SmartGlass International has developed a Hybrid combination of LC SmartGlass and SPD SmartGlass which it calls SLC SmartGlass.

This premium new product offers many benefits including control over light, glare and privacy while protecting from damaging UV.Smart Glass International operations director Mr.Frank Bagnall said, “Our new SLC SmartGlass is a technologically advanced product created by utilising our advanced research, development and manufacturing techniques. By including suspended particle device and polymer dispersed liquid crystal films we have created a product that has numerous environmental benefits for myriad uses. Having successfully completed initial testing we anticipate launching SLC SmartGlass to the market in the very near future.”

Benefits will include immediate privacy on demand, control over light and glare levels (from approximately 3-65% light transfer) and protection from greater than 99.5% of damaging UV. Any size up to 1,000mm * 3,200mm can be supplied including shaped and insulated glazed units for external use.

600450 SLC SmartGlass from SmartGlass International

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