Pilkington Watches Over Casement Park

Date: 25 June 2009
Source: Cpbsonline.eu
Pilkington glass has provided a clear vision for a new development at Casement Park stadium in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Opened in 1953, and home to the Antrim football and hurling teams, it has enlisted the help of Pilkington for the design and construction of a new multi-functional control room overlooking the stadium.
Pilkington Optifloat™ Green and Pilkington K Glass™ have been used in this project to provide glazing for a control point which is to be used as the security base for the stadium. The products specified needed to have solar control properties, in order to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and reduce glare so enhancing the view from the room at all times.
Pilkington Optifloat™ Green was specified for its solar control properties and green tint which gives a strong aesthetic impact for the stadium. The glass absorbs heat to prevent the structure overheating, and provides the utmost visual clarity by reducing solar glare. Secondly, Pilkington K Glass™ was specified for its energy efficiency properties. Forming part of the inner pane in this project, its coating keeps in heat on cold days. Finally, Pilkington Spandrel™ Glass was used as in the non-vision areas toughened to BS EN 12150 with BS EN 12600 Impact Classification 1 to provide strength and protection.
The specification of these Pilkington products in this project was vital to maximise the surveillance and security of the stadium ensuring all occupants are safe. The glass specified provides a clear, flush surface and silicon jointing enhances this further by making it appear seamless.
Lee Doherty, Partner, at architects Mackel & Doherty, said: “The original concept for the design of the Casement Park Control Point was to create a structure with an imposing and dynamic character based on two ‘planes’; one sliding over the other to create the illusion from the pitch that the control room floats over the tiered seating. We used large amounts of glazing for this development for both style and practicality. The apparent lightness of the glass contrasts with the solidarity of the concrete base of the rest of the control room.
“The Pilkington products we specified perfectly suited the design intentions for this development. With their excellent solar control, environmental, and safety properties, we were able to realise our vision, whilst simultaneously doing away with the concerns the stadium management had regarding the safety, clarity and energy efficiency the room needed to provide.”
The project is funded under Sport Northern Ireland’s Stadia Safety Program. The intention is to update the 30,000 capacity stadium to provide a safe, modern facility for all supporters in line with the NI Guide to Health and Safety in Sports Grounds.
In total: 70m2 28mm glazing units comprising of-
Inner pane: Pilkington K Glass™ (6mm)
Argon gas-filled cavity (16mm)
Outer pane: Pilkington Optifloat™ Green (6mm)
Spandrel panels using Pilkington Spandrel™ Glass – Grey

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Date: 25 June 2009
Source: Cpbsonline.eu

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