NorthGlass 2024 Annual Meeting: Recognizing Achievements and Setting New Goals

Date: 10 April 2024
Source: NorthGlass

Date: 10 April 2024

Recently, each division of NorthGlass held the 2024 work arrangement meeting and the 2023 annual summary and commendation meeting.

This was an important gathering for NorthGlass to address new work challenges, review the accomplishments of the past year, and look ahead to future development. Mr. Gao Xueming, Chairman of NorthGlass and NorthGlass Light-Stone, Mr. Gao Li, Vice Chairman and President of NorthGlass, Mr. Gao Qi, Vice President of NorthGlass and General Manager of the Glass Deep Processing business unit, along with more than 600 staff including general managers, department heads, and employee representatives from each business unit, came together to discuss development plans.

During this meeting, the general managers from each business unit at NorthGlass summarized the work of the past year and outlined the focus of work for 2024. President Mr. Gao Li made specific arrangements for the work of each business unit and functional department, highlighting the direction for the new year's development. He emphasized that in the constantly changing market environment, hard work is key to meeting challenges and achieving breakthroughs. He urged all employees to dedicate themselves to the work of the new year with renewed enthusiasm and confidence, aiming to make significant contributions to the company's long-term development.

NorthGlass recognized outstanding performance by awarding the "NorthGlass Spirit Award," "Advanced Individual," and "Advanced Collective Award" to individuals and groups who excelled in the past year. Units that achieved their targets and showed performance growth, such as Tempering Equipment BU, Glass Deep Processing BU, Tianjin Base, and Shanghai Base, were also acknowledged. A total of 11 "NorthGlass Spirit Award" employees, 20 "Excellent Teams," and 148 "Advanced Employees" were commended.

Regarding technological advancements, projects like "Architectural Glass Deep Processing Intelligent Factory V1.0" received the first prize for technological progress, while other projects such as the development of new high-efficiency fans and multi-curved furnace equipment earned the second prize. In total, 151 awards were given, covering various aspects of technology, production, and management, with a total bonus of 2 million yuan, rewarding employees for their hard work.

Representatives of the award-winning employees of the "NorthGlass Spirit Award" delivered speeches, showcasing the dedication and spirit of NorthGlass employees. Chairman Mr. Gao Xueming concluded the meeting by extending sincere congratulations to the awardees, expressing gratitude to all employees for their efforts, and acknowledging the division's achievements despite challenging external conditions. He emphasized the importance of innovation across all aspects of the company and encouraged employees to continue improving and facing future challenges with determination.

The achievements and honors of NorthGlass are a testament to the hard work of every employee, embodying the company's core values and contributing significantly to its development. Moving forward, NorthGlass will continue to uphold its spirit of innovation, explore new horizons, and strive to achieve greater development goals.

600450 NorthGlass 2024 Annual Meeting: Recognizing Achievements and Setting New Goals

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