New Warm Edge Spacer Bars in the PRESS GLASS Range

New Warm Edge Spacer Bars in the PRESS GLASS Range
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PRESS GLASS announced that three new products had been added to the warm edge spacer bar range.

PRESS GLASS supports and meets customers’ requirements, through the continuous expansion and optimization of its product range, among other things. Most recently, the company announced that three new products had been added to the warm edge spacer bar range.

“We have researched the current needs of the market and have completely revamped our new warm edge range accordingly. New products have been added to our PREMIUM range: the Multitech (by ROLLTECH) and the Swisspacer Ultimate (by Swisspacer). Our warm edge range has also been enhanced with the Swisspacer Advance. Therefore, our customers can now choose from a wide range of spacer bars which offer an excellent heat penetration coefficient," says Tomasz Polaczek, Sales Director at PRESS GLASS S. A.

PRESS GLASS explains that the addition of the three new warm edge units was in response to the needs of the market. Currently, window frame producers opt for the minimisation of frame profile height. This enables them to increase the area of glazing and decrease the glass pane edge seating depth in the window frame.

In addition, this increases the visibility of the spacer bar placed around the glass. Apart from the increasing importance of high heat insulation of the glass edge, which influences the heat penetration of the whole window, the aesthetic qualities of spacer bars are gaining more significance, such as a matt finish to the visible edge or a wide selection of colours.

“Our new spacer bars ensure the greatest thermal insulation of the window, as well as the expected aesthetic qualities,” Tomasz Polaczek adds.

PRESS GLASS is boosting its range with the following warm edge spacer bars: Swisspacer Advance, Swisspacer Ultimate, and Multitech. A wide selection of colour and width options will be available. However, the actual colours and width of the spacer bars available may differ depending on the particular market.

The table below shows the current PRESS GLASS range in terms of warm edge spacer bars, including the Psi (Ψ) coefficient for a standard window with a glass pane of Ug= 0.7 4T 1.1/12 Ar/4/ 12 Ar/4T 1.1 (on the basis of IFT Guideline WA-17/1):

  Ψ *    
Type of spacer bar          Window frame    
  Aluminium           PVC                    Wood         
Multitech 0,030 0,030 0,028
0,031 0,030 0,029
0,042 0,037 0,037
Chromatech Ultra            0,043 0,037 0,038
Termo TGI 0,044 0,038 0,039
Chromatech 0,066 0,050 0,054


Ψ - linear heat penetration of window edge in [W/mK]

More information on warm edge spacer bars may be found on our website:

600450 New Warm Edge Spacer Bars in the PRESS GLASS Range
Date: 15 March 2017

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