New Glass Annealing Kilns from Paragon Industries

Paragon Industries is introducing large glass annealing kilns. Called the PAF- and PAT-series, the kilns are manufactured in Mesquite, Texas USA.

They vary in size from 16 to 28.28 cubic feet and come with a digital temperature controller.

“With a PAF- or PAT-series annealing kiln, busy glass blowers can make production loads of glass figurines without worrying about having enough annealing capacity,” said John S. Hohenshelt, president of Paragon Industries, L.P. “The PAF are front loaders, and the PAT are top loaders,” he added.

A mercury relay is standard on the PAF- and PAT-series. The relay sends power to the elements from the digital controller. Levelers are built into the feet.

The PAF front loaders are stackable. The feet of the top kiln fit into recessed stacking points of the bottom kiln. “As the business grows,” said Hohenshelt, “add another PAF kiln without having to find more floor space.”

The PAF doors include spring-loaded quick-release door latches. Both front- and top-loading kilns have a fiber rope seal around the door or lid and a safety switch. Elements are seated in recessed brick grooves.

600450 New Glass Annealing Kilns from Paragon Industries

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