Miyachi Europe Highlights Innovative Resistance and Laser Precision Joining as well as new Hot Bar Solutions at Precision Fair 2013

Miyachi Europe, the leading supplier of laser and resistance welding systems, laser marking products, and hot bar systems, announces it will be showcasing its latest precision joining solutions at Precision Fair 2013, December 3-4, 2013 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, at Booth#195.

On display will be the MIYACHI PECO newhorizon Resistance Welder, Remote Services, MIYACHI EAPRO Hot Bar newhorizon ACF Laminating System, the MIYACHI EAPRO Dispensing jetting valve TS9000, ESD Survey Tester and Menda pumps as well as the MIYACHI UNITEK 500W Fibre Laser Welder with MIYACHI EAPRO Laserline filter unit.The new, compact MIYACHI EAPRO newhorizon Hot Bar ACF Laminating System on display is part of a complete newhorizon hot bar product line featuring pulsed heat and constant heat temperature controllers, as well as low-force and high-force bonding heads.These solutions offer an ideal price-performance ratio for hot bar reflow soldering and heat-seal bonding applications, especially for the IT, multimedia, and electronics industries.The MIYACHI EAPRO dispensing jetting valve TS9000, ESD Survey Tester, and Menda pumps will also be available to experience first-hand. Experts will also be on hand to show MIYACHI PECO’s “newhorizon” resistance welding equipment, a new generation of modular weld heads and pincers that allow users to select and combine various components best suited for their applications.This gives customers maximum flexibility and reduces cost.

The new MIYACHI UNITEK 500W fibre laser welder with a MIYACHI EAPRO Laserline filter unit will also be showcased at the booth. This welder offers the precise control needed for small component welding and penetration welding of various metals.

In addition, Miyachi Europe will show remote services for its high-end resistance welding modules such as AWS3 and MG3. Remote Services enable customers with multiple locations to have full process control.

It is also an ideal solution for customers with high uptime system demands. With remote services a PC and a VPN connection builds a bridge between the product and the expert, remotely. This minimises travel efforts, saves on time, and costs.

About Miyachi Europe

Miyachi Europe is the market leader in developing, building, and servicing machines and components for laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding, hot bar, and systems. Miyachi Europe solutions are an integral part of the production process to connect, join, automate, identify, or customize components in a very reliable and sustainable fashion. Miyachi Europe products are in use in a variety of modern, high-tech application fields. These application fields are our areas of expertise, which benefits our customers’ and our vendors’ future growth in the Automotive, IT & Multimedia, Electronics/Solar Cells/Batteries, Medical, Aerospace, and Defense industries.Visit us at www.miyachieurope.com or at m.miyachieurope.com.

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