Mind-Boggling Smart film

Smart film is an intelligent high-grade functional film, which can adjust light under different voltage to switch between direct and scattered light, carrying out the dual requirements of transparency of glass and privacy protection.

When off power, Smart film is in opaque state; on the contrary, it’s in transparent state. Even in opaque state, ambient light is still good and indoor light is pleasant. With heat resistant characteristic, Smart film, which makes your room warm in winter and cool in summer, is an environmental, energy saving and mind-boggling product.

Applications of Smart film are as follows:

1. Energy-saving building glass curtain wall

Combine Smart film and heat insulation film. With temperature control mechanism, when outdoor temperature is over high, Smart film will turn to opaque state and the heat of indoor light can be reduced, realizing environmental and energy saving requirements.

2. Multi-Function purpose in office

Applied to glass compartment of chief’s office. When the glass of meeting room is transparent, you can see outside; in opaque, it can be used as projection screen and white board.

3. Indoor decoration of up-scale residence

Used in lighting covering glass curtain, sunshine house, living room and bathroom compartment, embody host’s extraordinary taste. The glass is in mist state when out of use, which will well protect your privacy, and when it turns to transparent, you can be fully soaked in sunshine.

4. Purpose in dust-free room

Applied to dust-free room and cleaning room, Smart film is to be switched between transparent and nontransparent, reducing inconvenience for customers to wear dust-free clothes passing in and out of the room.

5. Products display and commercial advertisement

Glass display window, protect the products when it’s nontransparent, and may be used as a projection screen to introduce products; while transparent, it may be used for products display and can set time-exchange.

6. Purpose in intimate space in hospital

Replace curtains of infant room and intensive care unit to reduce dust and noise

7. Purpose in special occasions 

 -  Used in glass door of rest room. Non-transparent when it’s out of use, and immediately turn to opaque state when the door is closed.

 - Used in glass floor and stairs on the second floor. Appear in mist when there’s someone walking on, otherwise transparent.

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Date: 25 September 2007
Source: Chiefway Optronics Co., Ltd.

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