Mika Seitovirta Eager To Take The Reins At Kyro

Mika Seitovirta, who has previously worked in the automotive and drinks industries, takes over as Kyro’s President and CEO on 1 January 2007.

He joined Kyro at the beginning of November to familiarise himself with his new position.

As a manager, Seitovirta considers himself to be highly goal-directed. “For me it’s important that the objectives are known to all and that everyone knows their role in achieving our goals. On the other hand, I believe in openness and teamwork. I like to delegate responsibility in order to harness all the expertise that the organisation has to offer,” says Seitovirta.

Managers are required to display both issue management skills and leadership, and Seitovirta’s priority is the latter. Issue management is, in principle, easy – but it delivers mediocre results: a company can use various information systems, hire experts and implement cost-cutting programmes. To achieve top results, however, companies always need motivated people whose expertise and efforts are dedicated to fulfilling set objectives. People’s expertise should be of a kind that competitors cannot copy.

Success requires hard work

Mika Seitovirta was Managing Director of Oy Hartwall Ab, 2003-2006. One of his tasks was to manage Hartwall, which had previously operated as an independent listed company, as it became part of the large international Scottish & Newcastle brewery group, and in a changing situation where the sector’s market was opening up to Europe and the trade’s own brands were winning over shelf space. “My job was to build up the right skills in the company and to put matters in order both commercially and cost terms,” explains Seitovirta. During his time in charge, the company achieved profitable growth in a contracting market and brought the whole workforce behind its agenda.

“Success requires hard work and focusing on the right issues. It is essential that issues are pursued to the end on a long-term basis. One of my mottos is ‘Start less finish more’. Only completed projects can achieve changes in a company,” says Seitovirta.

Seitovirta has worked in large global companies both as a leader and as a subordinate. He is familiar with different operating models, synergies and multiculturalism. Common to all companies – whether in the automotive industry or the drinks industry – has been that innovations are considered to be vital; it is understood that investing in them can put a company years ahead of its competitors. “In Kyro, too, we will invest in product innovations more than before – and not merely in innovations, but also in working practices,” says Seitovirta.

Kyro offers fascinating challenges

In Kyro, Seitovirta is interested among other things in the fact that the company is the global technology and market leader in its field, with more than 80% of its sales coming from elsewhere than the domestic market. The core of the company’s operations is to sell customers solutions by which they can improve their profitability. “Kyro is a pearl among technology companies. It’s rare a Finnish company operating on a global stage to be associated with both market and technology leadership,” says Seitovirta.

Growth will be sought both organically, by offering increasingly advanced technology and comprehensive solutions in different market areas, as well as through company acquisitions.

“Kyro is a financially sound company which has both the desire and the ability to grow. This is also in line with shareholders’ wishes. I have high expectations for developing the company on the basis of the present strategy,” continues Seitovirta.

Seitovirta’s work will be characterised by long-term thinking, customer-orientation and openness.

“In my management and in everything I do I will try work on a sustainable basis and openly, whether I’m dealing with investors, shareholders or personnel.

It’s important to maintain technological leadership, which we will use to succeed against our competitors. Maintaining constant dialogue with customers is important, as this will enable us to offer them the right solutions to develop their operations,” emphasises Seitovirta.

One issue often highlighted by Seitovirta is personnel expertise and competence. Training is important, and he aims to take a personal interest in the subject. “Kyro employees have a stunning amount of expertise. I am looking forward to working with them,” says Seitovirta in conclusion.

Fact box

Mika Seitovirta

44 years old, M.Sc.(Econ.).

Kyro’s President and CEO as of 1 January 2007. Orientation period began on 1st November.

Managing Director of Oy Hartwall Ab, 2003-2006.

Since 1987 various positions in the automotive industry, including Managing Director of Volvo Auto in

Finland, 1998-2003.

Member of the Board of Directors, e.g. Svenska Handelsbanken in

Finland and Aro-Yhtymä Oy.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Married with three children.

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