Lifting Glass: A Guide To Cranes

There are many occasions where a crane is required in glazing projects. Usually this is due to the weight of the glass – but a crane can also be needed in situations where it is not possible or safe to manoeuvre the glass into position due to size alone – or when the glass is being fitted at the top of a building.  Glass weighs 2.5kg per mm of glass thickness per square metre – so about 40kg per square metre for a typical double-glazed panel.

For safety reasons, Cantifix limit manual lifting to 100kg for roof glass panels (about 2.5m2), and 150kg for vertical glass panels (about 3.75 m2).* So if your project involves large panels of glass, it is very likely that you will need a crane. Here’s a rundown of the three types of cranes that Cantifix uses…

1. Spider Crane – this type of crane is great for use in small or hard to access projects or in confined areas, as it can be carried through a house. The maximum weight that can be lifted by a spider crane is 1 tonne (1000kg) and the maximum height of glass that can be lifted is 5.6m.

2. HIAB Crane – these cranes typically lift pallets onto buildings – and are ideal for on-road deliveries. The reach that a HIAB crane is capable of depends on how heavy the glass is – this is a cheaper option than a mobile crane.

3. Mobile Crane – these cranes are driven onto site and have a huge lifting capacity of 30-200 tones (30,000 – 200,000kg). They are capable of a reach of between 44 and 140 metres.

Cantifix prefers to arrange all crane use within a project, as this way we are able to keep things organised if there are delays caused by outside elements such as weather. Another factor which can affect costs is if a road closure is required – this is at a cost imposed by the council, so worth bearing in mind if you live in an urban area.

If you would like any advice on the need for a crane in your Cantifix project, just give us a call on 020 8203 6203.

*These figures are a guideline only and will depend on access and other considerations.
600450 Lifting Glass: A Guide To Cranes
Date: 14 December 2015

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