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Laser engraving on glass plate in the VetroIN laboratory
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Laser engraving on glass plate in the VetroIN laboratory | Photo:
Thus decoration contributes to the creation of a stimulating environment that increases productivity and creativity.

We know well how the brand identity of a company is based not only on the products or services offered, also on the image that it gives of itself. Starting from the offices and then arriving inside shops and showrooms, the company's aesthetic consolidates its peculiar character, going to play on quality and design to retain its customers and remain impressed in the minds of those who see it.

The basis on which to create a solid and productive business is certainly the creation of a work team that feels to be an integral part of the growth of its business. It is therefore essential to create a work environment that instills confidence and the desire to get involved, which at first helps to stimulate the cohesion of its collaborators, because we know, where the foundations are solid, there is a building that will last in time.


The construction of a fertile working space

It is very important, to get this done, to design work spaces in order to increase creativity. The most hospitable environments are those that people perceive as familiar and in which they prefer to spend time, where their productivity increases because it does not interfere with stress and distractions.

One way to create this environment is to aim to build an optimal aesthetic in which it is pleasant to work and which is not itself a source of trouble. In this regard, a modern and great design solution is the use of laser engraving on glass.

In fact, many of the latest generation offices present dividing walls, doors and ceilings made entirely of glass. The transparency of the material means that it lends itself favorably to being used instead of wall structures that would block a large part of the light coming from the outside. Its wide use is combined with its decoration that in the case of laser engraving on glass, leads to elegant and strong impact results.


An innovative choice for the design of the company

An innovative choice for the design of the company

The main advantages deriving from the use of laser engraving on glass are:

  • maximum precision in decoration
  • elegant and refined details
  • elimination of the risk of damage to the material

The use of the laser represents in fact one of the last technological frontiers for the decoration of delicate materials such as glass. The absence of contact with the engraved surfaces eliminates any damage that may occur in the classic mechanical engraving, leading to a saving of time and reducing the costs for the decoration.

The laser engraving on glass then lends itself particularly to all those fine decorations and complex executions that will amaze the eye of the beholder. The sophisticated and precise technique allows the maximum success of any detail with which you want to compose the design of your glazed structure.

All this will contribute to the creation of a work environment that is a source of stimulus and creativity, the first important step to launch a business towards success.

600450 Laser engraving on glass to strengthen your company | VetroIN

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