The Large Project Legend and Its Successful Results: The Best Practice Case of Isotherm

Large-scale projects are characterised by their high complexity, the many divisions that are involved, and by the degree of automation – not to mention that they are often high volume contracts, too.

This is why large-scale projects often bring with them many risks, although these can be avoided with systematic planning, transparent processes and the correct project management.Proof of this can be seen in the successful cooperation between Isotherm and LiSEC, which entailed the modernisation and expansion of manufacturing facilities, all while manufacturing continued.

 Isotherm, whose head office is in the Czech town of Kaplice, is a specialist in insulating glass production, tempered safety glass, laminated safety glass and edge processing. An increasing range of products and production quantity imply much greater challenges in terms of machines and automated solutions: "We had reached our capacity limits and soon decided to extend our manufacturing lines significantly as well as to increase our level of automation", explains Daniel Schmidinger, owner of Isotherm.

The large-scale Isotherm project and the key to success

Precise planning, transparent operations, project organisation and a flexible partner, who can quickly and simply react to changing conditions, are key for the successful implementation of large-scale projects.

Two fully integrated cutting lines supplying the I.G. production lines

"The project took months of planning together with LiSEC, during which time the project was divided into project steps and worked through in detail. The conception phase was not just about defining the scope, resources, capacity plans and schedules. It also involved the mid-term and long-term business development. LiSEC's modular machines and software concepts ensure productivity and flexibility over many years. I am pleased that we had the support of LiSEC's experience during this important phase. It kept this giant project manageable, and everyone knew what needed doing and when", recounts Pavel Smolik, Managing Director of Isotherm.

The general requirements and the project phases at a glance

The project included glass cutting equipment, glass storage, sorting, glass processing and insulating glass production, as well as the whole IT environment. The main challenges involved the seamless replacement of the existing ERP system with LiSEC systems without interrupting the ongoing insulating glass production, the integration of existing machines, as well as a paper-free manufacturing process without the need for any additional staff. LiSEC's extensive experience, which has been gained during numerous similar projects, served as the fundamental element behind this success and was the main deciding factor for Isotherm when they chose to work with LiSEC on such a major project.

Isotherm and LiSEC: success together

This large project required that Isotherm and LiSEC worked hand in hand with one another. "In terms of both machines and software, we were a one-stop partner for Isotherm, who coordinated and implemented everything. Thanks to the LiSEC subsidiary in Brno, we were able to ensure support in the customer's own language, as well as continuous on-site support, two additional factors for success", explains Klaus Preyler, LiSEC's Regional Manager for Eastern Europe.

The new production line was approved at the end of February within the defined schedule and has been working at 100% capacity since March. The results are tangible: the production capacity of insulating glass units and the capacity of glass cutting systems have been increased by approximately 40%, using the same number of personnel. No unpleasant surprises, no risks that could not be overcome: best practice at its very best!

The butyl extruder LBH-ARS is ideal for fully automatic precision butyl coating on both sides of spacers

600450 The Large Project Legend and Its Successful Results: The Best Practice Case of Isotherm

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