Introducing Bud Ashlock, New Engineer at Paragon Kilns

Date: 1 February 2013
Source: Arnold Howard

Date: 31 January 2013

Bud Ashlock is one of the newest employees at Paragon Industries, the kiln and furnace manufacturer. “Before I came to Paragon, I had no idea that the world of kilns is as wide ranging as it is,” Bud said.

The products made with kilns vary from industrial to high-end artistic—pottery, glass fusing, jewelry.  ”Ashlock came to Paragon from the aircraft industry.Though kilns are far removed from airplanes, there are similarities. High-speed aircraft deal with expansion of parts just like kilns. “Air on the leading edge of the wings heats up,” Ashlock explained. “You’re also dealing with sheet metal, fasteners, and basic design concepts in both aircraft and kilns.”

Ashlock approaches kiln design from a user standpoint. “I try to think about the end user and what will make it simpler for them.” Ashlock places special emphasis on kiln aesthetics, from the mounting position of the Paragon logo to the way the ventilation slots in the switch box line up with the slots in the kiln case. So far Ashlock’s designs include kilns with cordierite element rods, elements encased in quartz tubes, and furnaces for the industrial markets.

Bud Ashlock enjoys aircraft history. He looks forward to seeing the World War II aircraft at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas, and visiting the British Flying School Museum at the Terrell, Texas airfield, which is a few miles from Paragon's Mesquite factory.

600450 Introducing Bud Ashlock, New Engineer at Paragon Kilns

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