How Smart Glass Technology is Even Innovating Garden Design

The uses of smart glass technology in interior design is rapidly evolving. However, the applications don’t end there – switchable smart glass is also finding modern applications in landscape design.

The futuristic smart glass technology adds a modern edge to any landscape feature or garden construction.

1.Water Wall

Water walls are enchanting garden features and are highly sought after in garden design. Glass  is commonly used to create the wall however using smart glass technology can make your water wall feature is even more impressive. By choosing switchable panels, you can not only make your water wall unique, but also more interactive. The panels can be displayed in either the opaque or transparent mode, and can feature unique shapes or coloured glass for an even more impactful design.

2. Pavilions

Pavilions are a desirable feature for any garden, providing a cool respite from the sun and a comfortable place to gather outdoors. However, if they become overheated from the sun’s rays, their use is obsolete. That’s why utilising smart glass technology for the glass panels in pavilion is a smart choice. Installing switchable solar glass ensures the construction remains cool even in the heat of midday, as it allows you to regulate how much heat and sun passes through and create the perfect environment for relaxation.

3. Garden Conservatories

Having a conservatory to bask in the sun in is an attractive feature for most property owners. However, the functionality of the space can be limited by the lack of privacy on offer. Switchable privacy glass enables instant privacy at the flick of a switch. Being able to seamlessly switch between a transparent and opaque state ensures your conservatory is suitable for any occasion, be it reading a book and relaxing in private, or hosting a private function.

4. Walkways and Bridges

Walkways and bridges are stunning garden features, but all too often they can fall into the same mould. Using architectural smart glass provides an innovative alternative and helps your design stand out. The glass panes can be custom cut to create a glass pathway that changes from transparent to opaque as you walk across it, a completely enclosed walkway, or even a bridge which shows the view of the water underneath when desired.

If you require further information on how smart glass technology can enhance your garden design, contact Smartglass International today. Our expert team have worked on projects worldwide, and would be happy to discuss the specifications of your design.

600450 How Smart Glass Technology is Even Innovating Garden Design
Date: 16 June 2016

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