How do you transport window parts with inbuilt blinds that weigh a maximum of 700 kg fast and easily?

Date: 15 June 2006
Source: Pannkoke

Date: 15 June 2006

For the new internal medicine building of the clinic of the University of Würburg, the company IGM from Medard got the task of delivering the facade elements. The full, pre-assembled, glazed window parts with a measuring up to 7.0 x 2.5 m are fitted with electric shutters.

December 2005 was half-time for the largest state tall building in Bavaria to date. 2002 began with the excavation of the site for the internal medicine centre (ZIM). The shell of the building was started in 2004 and construction will be completed in 2006. When the building has been completed, it can start to be used from the end of 2008.

The building to be erected covers around 23.000 m² of usable area on a total area of 62.000 m². In total, a building complex of around 280.000 m³ with 301 beds will be built.

For this large task, the company IGM from Medard ( changed its work somewhat and built a new horizontal production line. The elements must be taken from the end of the production line and transported to storage. As soon as the part delivery can take place, the lorries must be loaded up.

For these special tasks, the company Pannkoke Flachglastechnick GmbH ( from Lübeck was given the task of delivering the corresponding vacuum lifting device.

Pannkoke Flachglastechnik GmbH from Lübeck examined all the drawings submitted and produced a vacuum device for this purpose.

Client specific solutions are not only the way to go on the building site; they pay for themselves quickly in production too.

The Lübeck based company promptly delivered a practicable solution for the various window elements that complied with the EN 13155 safety standard.

The specially chosen suspension point means that it is possible to transport the elements almost vertically. This was made a little more difficult by the roller shutters, but the solution won the client over. With the Kombi 7001-AB SO, the elements could be moved quickly and safely without any large change costs.

It was the correct decision for IGM to give the task to a specialist in order to guarantee a smooth in-house work flow.

600450 How do you transport window parts with inbuilt blinds that weigh a maximum of 700 kg fast and easily?

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