Hotel suite with privacy on request

Hotel suite with privacy on request
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The PRIVA-LITE glass, manufactured in the Glassolutions production plant in Pruszków, is available in two basic types: PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC and PRIVA-LITE XL.

Providing guests with the sense of comfort and optical increase of space of the hotel room by means of a glass partition are extremely important aspects in every hotel.

In order to meet its Customers’ expectations, the Holiday Inn Hotel in Dąbrowa Górnicza offers accommodation in a suite where a partition between the room and the bathroom is made of the switchable PRIVA-LITE XL glass. Thanks to this the space of the room seems bigger, and through the glass partition daylight reaches the bathroom.

The guests staying in the room can decide about the transparency of the PRIVA-LITE glass, maintaining the open space between the room and the bathroom (transparent state of the glass ON), or choosing more privacy (opaque state OFF). All you need is just a quick ON/OFF switch and you are free to enjoy undisturbed privacy!


Pioneer solutions

The use of the PRIVA-LITE entails a number of benefits, both practical and visual ones. In its transparent state it secures permanent flow of daylight, which makes the hotel space friendly for its users.

Glass does not belong to standard materials usually applied in hotel rooms; therefore, the innovative solution applied in the Holiday Inn suite additionally improves visual values of the facility.


Diverse configurations

The PRIVA-LITE glass, manufactured in the Glassolutions production plant in Pruszków, is available in two basic types: PRIVA-LITE CLASSIC and PRIVA-LITE XL. Additionally, it can be combined with coloured films (PRIVA-LITE COLOR) or with textiles (PRIVA-LITE TEXGLASS).

Transparency of the glass can be modified by means of a wall switch, remote controls, or a timer. The range of the PRIVA-LITE products work out perfectly in public utility facilities, such as hotels, conference halls, or offices, where privacy is a crucial issue.

Advanced, functional glass provides architects with an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and exceptional sense of aesthetics. The PRIVA-LITE glass used in the Holiday Inn suite provides the room with an exceptionally modern look, and guests feel really comfortable in it.
More information on the PRIVA-LITE glass is available on the following websites:

600450 Hotel suite with privacy on request

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