Homeshield’s ImperiClad™ Door System Ensures Weather-Tight Performance

Date: 23 September 2010
Source: Homeshield Fenestration Components
High-Performance Components Combine to Offer Water, Rot and Insect ResistanceRichmond, Ind., Sept. 14, 2010 – Homeshield, a Quanex Building Products company, has engineered ImperiClad™, a water impervious door system featuring high-performance door jambs, thresholds, astragals, sweeps and corner pads.

These precisely engineered components combine to create a water-, rot- and termite-proof door system.

“The components that make up the ImperiClad system are engineered to complement and reinforce each other to create a weather-tight seal. We engineered the system as a total entry solution to ensure that the final installed unit will keep the weather out and protect against moisture damage,” said David Bryant, vice president of sales, door components for Homeshield.

Homeshield developed the ImperiClad door system through its Inception to Installation™ (I2I™) program, which ensures that entry system components are tightly integrated. The I2I program offers engineering support services to help customers from the design stages to final testing and third-party certification. I2I also guarantees that if manufacturers build a unit to design and performance specifications, and the unit is installed correctly, it will not fail.

The patent-pending ImperiClad door system features the following high-performance components:

ImperiClad Door Jambs: ImperiClad door jambs are made of MikronWood™, an engineered composite material formulated from durable, thermoplastic resins and coated with a tough exterior SuperCapSR™ to provide superior surface hardness and impact resistance compared to solid wood. The composite material minimizes heat loss, enabling the ImperiClad frame to offer higher energy efficiency compared to hollow fiberglass and wood door frames. In addition, ImperiClad door jambs do not absorb moisture and humidity and are impervious to insect infestation.

5Y Thresholds: Water-impervious composite 5Y Thresholds feature Homeshield’s ImperiSEAL™ patented continuous filament, which positively seals the adjusting rail to the deck of the sill. ImperiSEAL interlocks with the aluminum sill, eliminating the chance of water intrusion through the threshold. One-piece countersunk screws provide long life, ease of adjustment and a tight door bottom-to-rail seal. 5Y Thresholds are available in full, solid extruded bases and half-width bases.

Triple Seal™ and StainRite™ Astragals: Homeshield’s Triple Seal and StainRite Astragals tightly seal the clearance gap between French doors to prevent air and water penetration. French doors using these astragals are tested and certified to levels higher than the DP40 rating for air and water performance. The astragals’ durable molded boots are certified for 5,000 cycles with no wear. Both astragals feature a stainable vinyl wrap, available in oak and mahogany grain, which provides the look of wood without the rotting, splitting or warping associated with wood astragals.

Weather Seals: Homeshield’s line of weather seals provides watertight sealing and easier installation. These high-performance components include:

  • The 22 Sweep maintains maximum surface area contact to the threshold rail to minimize water penetration. This reversible sweep has two bubbles that encapsulate the outside and inside edges of the rail. Between the bubbles, two fins are spaced to enable the bolt in three-point locking mechanisms to fit without cutting valuable sealing mediums.
  • The EZ Pad seals the most difficult area on any door system: the top end of the sweep. It saves two steps of labor – stapling and caulking. Installers simply peel the backing tape and mallet the sweep into place.
  • Leading Edge™ Corner Pads eliminate the “straw effect” of air leakage behind the weatherstrip due to pressure changes under stormy conditions. Rather than plugging the “straw,” which accelerates the straw effect, the Leading Edge Pad alters pressure. In addition, this patent-pending design does not crimp the weatherstrip.

About Homeshield

Homeshield, part of the Quanex Building Products Corporation, is an industry leader in fenestration products for the residential market. In addition to window and patio door screens, wood components and simulated divided light systems, Homeshield offers complementary products, such as rolled products, spacers, cladding and internal muntin bars, which allow the company to provide customers with complete systems. For more information, visit


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600450 Homeshield’s ImperiClad™ Door System Ensures Weather-Tight Performance
Date: 23 September 2010
Source: Homeshield Fenestration Components

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