Gorilla Glass Available for Offices and Classrooms

What if whiteboards were no longer white? What if they blended in with the pattern of a wall or carried the latest trend in animal print?     Markerboard manufacturers are seeking out Corning® Gorilla® Glass as a solution that provides a new wave in aesthetically-pleasing, customizable markerboards.Gorilla Glass allows markerboard and interior designers to create and use boards to enhance the design of a space, while solving the functional issues common to whiteboard materials, such as porcelain-on-steel, melamine, or soda-lime glass.  What benefits does Gorilla Glass offer over the competition? Thin and light – Traditional markerboards are heavy, making them expensive to ship and install.

Also, with soda-lime glass boards, the thickness causes a double image when viewed from the side. Gorilla Glass boards are lighter, less expensive to transport and mount, and don’t have the visual distortion.

  • Resists stains – Gorilla Glass is non-absorptive – making it stain resistant, allowing writers to use vibrant markers, which are off limits with porcelain and melamine.
  • Tough – Soda-lime glass markerboards are easily scratched when erased. The damage resistance of Gorilla Glass lessens this problem dramatically, increasing the useful life of the board.
  • Easy to use with accessories –The thinness of a Gorilla Glass markerboard allows it to be used with traditional magnets unlike markerboards made with conventional materials.
  • ​We continue to find new applications for Gorilla Glass as we continue to listen to and answer customer needs. Today, it’s markerboards, but in the future, it may be walls of glass, or any number of the ideas seen in Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass” video.

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    Date: 6 September 2013
    Source: www.corninggorillaglass.com

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