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Date: 4 October 2011
Source: Glaston-Bavelloni

Date: 4 October 2011

Machinery and equipmentIn Vitrum 2011 Glaston introduces the newly launched Glaston Tamglass RC200TM tempering line.

The furnace has been specially designed to give businesses a quick way to enter into the glass tempering business or to expand their business from where it is now into more attractive product categories. With the same look and feel as every other Glaston furnace, the RC200TM specifically offers affordable reliability, spotless quality and ease of use for all glass processors. Performance to date has proven the ease of use, ease of installation and ease of operating. RC200TM offers low operating costs in continuous production, ease of use with automated furnace functions and high-quality results thanks to minimized iridescence. The furnace comes complete with the new Tamglass VortexTM convection system, which provides the best control of glass heat in its class. RC200TM also ensures an easy and safe operating environment with the top-of-the-line iControl DynamicsTM automation system.

The Glaston iLooKTM online quality measurement system is a unique concept based on proven Glaston technology. The measurement itself occurs with multiple cameras that measure laser reflections using mathematical calculations. For each glass sheet, iLooKTM makes distortion measurements with its machine vision system. It measures roller wave, otherwise known as optical waviness, and edge kink –online – according to predefined quality standards. The distortion measurement gives readings in millidiopters or millimeters, depending on the factory’s preferred system. The online scanner measures the glass dimensions supported by special lighting conditions inside the machinery. Outside light has no effect on the measurements. Glass dimensions can be reported directly on top of the glass sheet shown on the screen. The online system now eliminates all guesswork. It provides repeatable online glass measurements without human error and requires no additional personnel. Even better, it is able to measure all glass produced without requiring any extra time. And the key steps throughout the process are traceable, which is becoming considerably more important for quality control.


Glaston will be introducing in Vitrum a real time spares web shop. The registered Tamglass and Uniglass customers can order spares online from Glaston Delivery Center Finland. The web shop contains all necessary product information including also the availability, price, delivery time and particulars of stock balance. The web shop is easy to use and placing the order is fast. The payment methods are flexible, orders can be paid either by credit card or invoice. At the first stage the online service will be available for the customers within EMEA region. The web shop product range will cover more than 1000 stock items including the product images and descriptions.

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Glaston Bavelloni tradition: continuous innovation

During its 65th anniversary, Glaston Bavelloni will present Vitrum visitors with a totally new range of its straight line edging and double edging machines with cup and peripheral wheels. Innovation leading to better quality of the final product, reliability, a decrease in processing costs, modern technology, attention to eco-friendly values and energy savings are the common features of these new machine series.

Ever since 1946, Glaston Bavelloni has provided unique tradition and experience in the field as one of the world’s leading companies that created the basic technologies for flat glass processing. With clear and continuous investment in research and development, Bavelloni has decided to challenge those who look to the past. By presenting new technologies and solutions, registering new patents and reaching higher performance and quality, Glaston Bavelloni aims to satisfy both its traditionally loyal customers as well as all future ones.


Hiyon, a name derived from the Phoenician god of glass processing, is the new series of straight line edgers by Glaston Bavelloni. A new patented double driven conveyor, ingenious GRIND&STOP function, energy savings, wireless connectivity, integrated electrical cabinet, automatic glass thickness detection and modern touchscreen are just some of the main innovative features.

Xtraedge is the new range of double edging machines with cup wheels by Glaston Bavelloni, bringing customers “Xtra” productivity and quality in flat edge glass processing with arrises and corner cutting. The new balanced spindles add more power and quality at high processing speed, while the double driven conveyor enhances processing quality even with demanding thicknesses. The patented automatic intermediate bar allows fast size changes without compromising the minimum workable dimensions. A single electrical cabinet and control panel increase ergonomics and reduce the overall footprint.

Helios, with the evocative name of the Greek god of the sun, is the new range of pencil edge double edging machines by Glaston Bavelloni, which is especially designed for solar glass processing. Grinding with corner cutting at industry record speed, top quality, reduced setup and tools change time, ergonomics and high yield are among the exceptional features of this innovative product, allowing customers unmatched productivity without a break.

The new Bavelloni series Hiyon, Xtraedge and Helios consist of more than 10 models available in many configurations that can be customized according to customer needs. Each machine is fully designed and produced at the Glaston Italy Spa factory in Bregnano (Co), Italy.


At Vitrum 2011 Glaston Bavelloni will also introduce its new Glaston ToolExTM service as well as present its peripheral wheels. These wheels represent the highest quality tooling for double-edger grinding machines. Their excellent quality arises from the combination of the highest quality bond material and diamonds with the use of avant-garde moulding and profiling technologies that enable the user to achieve consistent performance, reliability and quality to keep tooling costs as low as possible. The peripheral wheels range also includes the new “Solar Line tools”, specifically designed and developed for applications in the Solar industry.

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