Glaston presents Tamglass, Bavelloni and Albat+Wirsam Software Technology in Unity at GP&T

Date: 27 February 2008
Source: Glaston Corporation

Date: 27 February 2008

The well-known Tamglass, Bavelloni and Albat+Wirsam Software brands are exhibiting for the first time together under the Glaston name at the GP&T Exhibition in Birmingham, April 8-11, 2008.

Visitors are welcomed to experience the latest machinery and software technology of all three of the Glaston Family members in action – and to discuss the ways innovative Glaston OSP solutions can answer the complex needs of today’s glass processors.

Dynamic Pre-Processing Innovation: Bavelloni PowerSeam

To keep pace with steadily rising demand for architectural and insulating glass, Bavelloni pre-processing technology has created PowerSeam, a new multiple edging and arrissing (seaming) machinery complex. Offering highest productivity and flexibility, the line innovation automatically accommodates all types of glass in the widest variety of dimensions. Fully integrated into any production line, the Bavelloni PowerSeam has the flexibility to work with different sized glass at random. This reduces the need for glass handling – while supporting advantageous horizontal flow throughout the manufacturing process.

To expedite the edging/arrissing process, PowerSeam is able to achieve formidable through-put rates relative to glass size, quantity and dimensions. A batch of similarly sized glass, dimensions 1500 by 500, reaches an edging speed of 25 m/min and a bridge speed of 36 m/min in as little as 4.5 seconds! Processing glass automatically (or manually, as required), with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 8mm in desired sequence, PowerSeam has been designed for integration with Tamglass furnaces as well as conveyors, washing machines and other equipment – working independently or side-by-side with other continuous flow and/or batch production systems.

PowerSeam’s completely open electronic architecture facilitates straightforward integration into existing lines and software environments. Offering a broad palette of optional features, Bavelloni has anticipated 99 per cent of their customers’ requirements, included a table for reading glass dimensions at the entry side.

Compact CNC Work Centre – full-scale, built for speed: Bavelloni NRG 250-3

Designed to carry out complex, high-quality processing faster than ever before with a minimum on investment, The Bavelloni NRG 250-3 has been developed for speed and efficiency in drilling, milling and grinding operations: a full production machine with compact dimensions. Targeted to glass products for interior design, furniture, appliances and automotive applications, the NRG 250-3’s combined digital operation and control provides dynamic axis response and accurate speed deligation, assuring high performance, accuracy and an excellent quality glass finish. Equipped with a number of convenience features, shapes can be drawn in the machines’s own CAD program, constructed with the machine’s self-learning feature, or, imported from other CAD systems, such as Autocad with .DXF format. Work programs can be prepared in just minutes!

New Tamglass Super Low-E Toughening – Sonic High Convection with APC™

Tamglass Sonic with APC™ (Automatic Process Control) meets the newest glass processing challenges in the handling and tempering of Super Low-E glass products. Based on Glaston’s patented, profiled high convection heating system, incorporating ultra-speed convection blower technology, Sonic has the advanced technology required for the processing of all commercial glass types suitable for toughening. Meeting the growing demand for high capacity, high performance toughening lines, it is tailored specifically for off-line coated, low emission glass products.

The sophisticated APC™ system, (Automatic Process Control), capable of measuring all the key properties of glass, such as thickness, emissivity and glass load, raises the efficiency of the tempering process and the quality of the final glass product. APC™ tailors the process settings according to the particular requirements of each glass type; Sonic’s integrated, vision-based control unit automatically creates the furnace settings for easy operation.

ALCIM– Flat Glass Production Management Software from Albat+Wirsam

With ever-increasing demands being placed on existing production and organisational structures within modern flat glass production and processing environments, machinery and the software which controls it have become integral parts of complex and sensitive high-tech systems. They allow fast through-put rates and highest yields – but only when the overall concept is in sync and the production processes have been optimally scheduled. Tailored software systems, integrated solutions and networked production provide the key to an optimised production environment. Albat+Wirsam, introducing the latest generation of their ALCIM production control software, will explain Networked Production and the newest system modules for Capacity and Workflow Planning, Barcode Tracking (PDA) and CAM-DXF, for the automatic, on-line programming of CNC (shape processing machinery).

DynOpt – Dynamic Cutting, Sorting & Optimization

Arising from the innovative network co-operation between Albat+Wirsam and the industry’s leading glass processing machinery manufacturers, the newest DynOpt software generation optimizes continuous flow production, delivering in perfect production sequence. Together with the latest dynamic buffers and sorting machinery, DynOpt achieves highest material yield in an ever growing number of production environments. Compact, coupled with the IG line or completely automatic: DynOpt steering & sorting technology can be optimally configured to benefit any existing production setup.

Visit Glaston in Hall 3, Stand B10 at GP&T in Birmingham from 8th to 11th April

Glaston Corporation is a growing, financially solid international glass technology company. The global market leader and One-Stop-Partner for glass processing machinery and software technology, Glaston’s product range and service network are the widest in the industry. Glaston’s well-known brands are Bavelloni (pre-processing machines and tools), Tamglass and Uniglass (safety glass machine)s and Albat + Wirsam Software (systems for production optimization and control).

600450 Glaston presents Tamglass, Bavelloni and Albat+Wirsam Software Technology in Unity at GP&T

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