Glaston to launch new products and technologies

Date: 24 October 2008
Source: Glaston Corporation

Date: 24 October 2008

Strong presence at Glasstec Glaston to launch new products and technologies At the international Glasstec 2008 exhibition Glaston launches its latest generation of products and technologies for architectural applications and for the solar energy market.

The exhibition hosts an impressive Glaston stand where Tamglass, Bavelloni and Albat+Wirsam are joined together. The latest thinking in glass processing can be experienced in the Virtual Factory.

The potential for architectural applications and the solar energy market is huge. Architectural is the base for Glaston and the segment where the company has its strongest know-how. The solar energy industry is expected to grow at double digit rates for the foreseeable future due to increasing government incentives globally and ever tightening emissions controls and environmental concerns.

"We believe that our experience, dating back over 40 years in the glass technologies and machinery arena, will serve our customers well. We provide the customers with high productivity architectural and solar manufacturing solutions together with a comprehensive service network close to the customers", says Glaston President & CEO, Mika Seitovirta.

One-Stop-Partner - reliability and efficiency

Glaston's target is always maximising its customers' productivity, and the profitability of their businesses. While also providing individual machines, Glaston is deeply committed to providing partial or complete glass processing lines and factories with the highest profitability, capacity and return on investment according to its One-Stop-Partner (OSP) concept.

"The goal of the OSP concept is to ensure that our customer receives the best possible products and related services from one place, from one supplier", comments Mika Seitovirta.

Glaston's OSP deliveries range from medium-sized to large partial lines or line configurations all the way to factory deliveries. During 2008 most of the One-Stop-Partner orders are from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Europe.

"In these areas new factories are being built, whereas in the mature Central European and North American markets investments are directed at modernisation of machines and equipment and at the expansion of operations", says Mika Seitovirta.

Virtual Factory - facts and feelings

Glaston's Virtual Factory, launched at Glasstec, is a unique high tech graphics presentation where customers are taken through the latest thinking in modern glass processing.

"We want the visitors coming to our booth to become not only informed but also excited about the glass processing world. The Virtual Factory is Glaston's approach to providing technical information and see the complete range of products and services, new ideas and possible applications for complex solutions."

For more information, please contact:

Glaston Corporation

Agneta Selroos, Corporate Communications and IR Manager

Phone: +358 10 500 6105

Glaston Corporation

Glaston Corporation is a growing, international glass technology company. Glaston is the global market leader in glass processing machines, and a comprehensive One-Stop-Partner supplier to its customers. Its product range and service network are the most extensive in the industry. Glaston's well-known brands are Bavelloni, in pre-processing machines and tools, Tamglass and Uniglass, in safety glass machines and Albat+Wirsam in software solutions.

Glaston's own glass processing unit, Tamglass Glass Processing, is a manufacturer of high quality safety glass products operating in Finland.

Glaston's share (GLA1V) is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Mid Cap List.

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