GlassBuild 2021 will be the show not to be missed

GlassBuild 2021 will be the show not to be missed
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Date: 15 July 2021

The Top 5 Reasons Glass and Fenestration Professionals Like You are Heading to Atlanta for GlassBuild this Fall

#1 Supply Chain First Aid: EVERYONE is short on materials and lead times are out of control. Now’s the time to strengthen your supply chain mix with more and stronger vendor relationships.

#2 Doing More with Less: You’re short on people. You know it, but your backlog doesn’t and your customers don’t care. Discover the latest product, equipment and software innovations that are going to allow you to grow your output, quality, speed and margin despite a lighter crew. WORK SMARTER.

#3 Networking (the real kind, not that Zoom stuff): The market is shaky. Now more than ever you need to be out there (really out there) strengthening relationships and forming new alliances and collaboration. Take it a step further by talking technical shop and rubbing elbows with the leading fabricators and suppliers at the NGA Glass Conference! Drinks and dinner are fun, too.

#4 New Products! Did you know that most GlassBuild exhibitors launch new products at the show? This means there’s a good chance the next new and better thing that’s going to save you time, make you money or make you better is going to be in Atlanta this September.

#5 Glazing Executives Forum: One of the most popular GlassBuild education blocks returns! The top glazing contractors are hanging out at GlassBuild for problem solving and business building. Sip a coffee or crack a beer with the glazing industry’s leaders while gaining insights, sharing pain points and GROWING. THAT. NETWORK! Learn more.

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600450 GlassBuild 2021 will be the show not to be missed

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