Glass at the Workplace

The workplace is witnessing a sea change, from the way exteriors are being showcased to the manner in which interiors are being designed.

Glass has always been an integral part of design and architecture, and continues to be instrumental in driving this change.  Today, glass at the workplace has the kind of influence that few other materials can hold on their own.

Photon DLF 2

Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

Photon Infotech at the DLF IT Park, Chennai, is a stunning example of glass at the workplace. The way glass is fused with the interiors, blending with the environs and yet making a distinct statement, speaks volumes of the power that glass can wield on its surroundings. Designed by Quadra, Chennai, the 3000 sq.ft. area in glass is a sight to behold.

Quadra chose the contemporary glass, Planilaque Evolution, from Saint-Gobain’s widest array of glass variants. Several factors came into play while making this choice. When it comes to picking the perfect glass at the workplace, ease of installation tops the priority list. SGG Planilaque can not just be easily installed, but also cleaned/maintained with as much ease. The fact that it is moisture-resistant and scratch-proof are bonus points, especially in office interiors. With the increasing thrust on eco-frienliness, SGG Planilaque scores on this front too; it is devoid of lead, arsenic, copper and formaldehyde, with only marginal traces of VOC.

At Photon, SGG Planilaque was used in signages, wall panelling and pillar cladding. These regular applications got a dash of vibrant colour, just what was needed to redesign and redefine the office space. From a palette of 15 colours, Planilaque Extra White and Flame Red were the chosen ones.

In the years to come, glass at the workplace will continue to play a pivotal role, especially with its advantage of being a sustainable material. But what will be the differentiating factor, is how glass evolves to bridge the gap between aesthetics and utility. With SGG Planilaque Evolution, that difference is already sealed, as is evident from the various projects that it has been part of. A product that is ahead of its times, that is Saint-Gobain‘s Planilaque Evolution for you.

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