Glass with LCD film: transparency, opacity and magnetic field

Glass with LCD film: transparency, opacity and magnetic field
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Glass with LCD film, a click can determine the transparency or opacification of the wall

Between the processing and customizations of Vetroin, a leader in design and manufacture of glass furniture for offices and major companies, there is also the glass with LCD film. What is it about?

This solution is designed to resolve a potential problem: the transparency of glass and the need for privacy in an office during a negotiation or a private interview.

Vetroin has decided to insert between the two glass sheets of  the wall an LCD film, these are liquid crystals which allow or less opacification of the glass wall thanks to the change of the magnetic field.

This means that with a single click, you can decide whether to keep the elegant transparency of the partition wall or guarantee privacy and intimacy.

This glass processing with LCD film can be done on the entire partition wall or only on a small part of it, depending on your needs and your preferences.

All the projects are specifically and customized, the maximum personalization is guaranteed by our glassware department, which carries out internally in our laboratory all the processes.

Do you need more information on glass with LCD film of Vetroin? You need to talk to a designer to better understand how you could incorporate this element in your project? Contact us without any obligation, we are at your disposal.

600450 Glass with LCD film: transparency, opacity and magnetic field
Date: 23 September 2016

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