Glass Tempering Machine Contributes to Energy Saving

Glass processing industry is a developing and promising industry in China. Nowadays, the glass processing enterprises in China have obtained further development with various kinds of machines and superior product quality, and the machines can not only meet the demands at home, but also are exported to abroad in large quantities.  Behind the mass production, energy saving is the eternal pursuit of all the enterprises.

To this end, more and more innovative engineers are dedicated to the developing of new glass processing machines to meet the requirements of energy saving.

As we all know, Low-E glass is regarded as a featured energy saving glass by many glass processing manufacturers due to its nice heat insulation property and transmission of light. However, Low-E glass needs to be tempered by glass tempering furnace if safety is wanted, and many technical problems are in the way during the glass tempering process. So, it is a problem puzzling the glass processing enterprises that how to make a tempering machine that can temper the Low-E glass with the best quality.

As a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering furnaces, LandGlass always insists on innovation and development. The products of high quality helped LandGlass not only take a leading position in glass processing industry in China, but also occupy an increasing market share in the global market. Especially the JetConvection glass tempering furnace with independent intellectual property rights, is a milestone in the glass processing industry in China.

JetConvection glass tempering furnace adopts JetConvection heating technology, forming a flexible jet-flow heating pattern through adjusting the working frequency of the high temperature circulating fan which is controlled by the converter. This kind of heating technology can prompt the synchronous heating on the top and bottom surface of the glass and greatly improve the heating efficiency. Thus, the processed tempered Low-E glass with better quality can be widely used in buildings, which can realize the energy saving and achieve huge social benefit.

Energy saving has become a key trend in glass & glass machine industry. LandGlass is pleased to make a contribution to the development of the glass processing industry and the sustainable development of our society. Continuous innovation and development will help LandGlass achieve a brighter future.

The JetConvection glass tempering furnace invented by LandGlass prompted the progress of the whole glass processing industry and was recognized by the authority. After being granted the Gold Award in the 14th Chinese Patent Awards in 2012, LandGlass won this award which represents the blue ribbon of Chinese technology innovation achievements again in 2013. LandGlass created a miracle in the history of Chinese glass processing industry.

600450 Glass Tempering Machine Contributes to Energy Saving
Date: 17 June 2014

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