Glass for Hospital Interiors

Glass and hospitals are inseparable. From the exterior to the interiors, one is bound to peer through the glistening sheen of glass. The dreary monotony of a hospital is broken only by the soothing, serene presence of glass around.

But how innovative can glass for hospital interiors actually be?

Yes! Saint-Gobain’s Planilaque Evolution takes innovation to a whole new level with glass for hospital interiors. The Rays Hospital at Hyderabad is a classic case in point. Spread over 1500 sq.ft., with interiors designed by Penshell Designs, the hospital exudes an ambience of warmth with the muted colours from the SGG Planilaque range of 15 shades. Mint Green and Extra White create an aura of serenity, bringing a refreshing change to the hospital environ.

SGG Planilaque Evolution at Rays Hospital, Hyderabad - Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

As glass for hospital interiors, SGG Planilaque Evolution was used liberally in the common areas and for panelling walls. These applications helped to add a new element to the usage of glass, not often seen. Besides the obvious intention of creating aesthetic value, SGG Planilaque was also chosen for the sheer versatility of benefits it offers.

A hygienic glass for hospital interiors, SGG Planilaque is resistant to humidity. Hence the frequency of usage that is typical of hospitals has no adverse impact from this glass. It is scratch-resistant too, another factor that leaves the SGG Planilaque spic and span as ever. It can be easily cleaned and maintained, parameters that are on top of the priority list for any hospital.

More than anything else, Planilaque Evolution’s eco-friendly attributes make it the first choice as glass for hospital interiors. It does not contain lead, arsenic, copper or formaldehyde, and has zero VOC. This makes it the safest in its class glass, with no safety hazards whatsoever, to the occupants. As Rays Hospital has discovered, SGG Planilaque brings a ray of hope to the usage of glass in innovative interior design!

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