Glass dome in Glaverbel Stopray Galaxy glass on the Hesperia Tower hotel, Barcelona

A spectacular glass dome measuring 24 metres across now sits proudly atop the Hesperia Tower hotel in Barcelona. Incorporating Glaverbel Stopray Galaxy glass and mounted on a substructure of steel and aluminium 105 metres off the ground, the dome offers a spectacular view.

It will also be home to Evo, a top-class restaurant run by Catalan superchef Santi Santamaría.

The fifth facade

"The roof of the building is a fifth facade in every respect", says architect Luis Alonso, defining the concept underlying the space. The impressive dome has a surface area of 500 m2 and weighs 36 tonnes, so choosing the right glass was critically important in ensuring the technical success of the project and, ultimately, a comfortable space. Glaverbel's Stopray Galaxy double glazing features a neutral appearance and insulating properties: it combines light transmission of 40% with a solar factor of 21% and a heat transmission coefficient of 1,4 W/(m2.K).

The dome -- designed by structural engineering firm Bellapart -- was lifted into place by a special 850-tonne crane under specific weather conditions: a clear day, no rain and a maximum wind speed of 12 km/hour. Ten workers fitted the dome to its base, an 84-tonne structure that will house Evo's kitchen and the dining room.

Two highly prestigious architectural firms worked on the design: Catalan firm Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados and the UK's Richard Rogers, both of which specialise in sustainable architecture. They used low-energy architectural materials and technologies as well as equipment designed to regulate harmful emissions, and achieved a functional and aesthetically pleasing building which is well integrated into the surrounding urban landscape.

Sensational style

This unique space will be home to Evo, the latest temple of gastronomy created by Santi Santamaría, a man who draws his inspiration from culinary trends and respect for local produce. The result will be a perfect combination of architectural moods and gastronomic sensations.

Santi Santamaría, a world-renowned chef, who has earned Michelin stars, feels privileged to be able to work in such spectacular surroundings and called the new space a 'dream come true'. And Glaverbel is pleased with the opportunity to contribute its own technical expertise with a leading-edge product such as the Stopray Galaxy.

600450 Glass dome in Glaverbel Stopray Galaxy glass on the Hesperia Tower hotel, Barcelona

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