For.El.: New automatic butyl extrusion plant

Date: 21 December 2001
Source: For.El.

Date: 20 December 2001

Italian manufacturer of glass working machines For.El., presents the semi-automatic machine for concurrent two-side symmetric sealing with butyl rubber of spacer frames for double-glazing.

The automatic For.El. butyl-rubber sealing machine is the result from 20 years experience in the field of double-glazing and from the most advanced automation.The machine applies a small seam of butyl-rubber along the sides of the frames in a completely automated fashion. During the whole process there is no contact between the sealant and the parts that handle the frame. This way the adhesive characteristics of butyl-rubber is left unchanged therefore allowing the design of a simple structure with reduced overall dimension. After sensing the thickness of the profile, the distance between the nozzles is adjusted automatically. Furthermore, the quantity of butyl-rubber extruded may be regulated by means of a special software program. The frames are loaded and unloaded via two temporary storage devices to ensure that production is not interrupted. The outstanding automation capabilities of the machine are further enhanced if these are associated to the For.El. machines included in the range for processing profiles (such as PBN632, PBU632 and DFN632). Thanks to its great f1exibility and to the accessories for the handling of frames, it can be functionally and productively linked up to any other machine on the market. The For.El. butyl rubber sealer therefore ensures the best application of sealing product, while guaranteeing the quality of sealing in double-glazing.

600450 For.El.: New automatic butyl extrusion plant

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