First In Europe: Complete AGC Solar Range At EU PVSEC 2009

Date: 4 September 2009
Source: AGC Solar
From 21 to 25 September 2009, for the first time in Europe, AGC is presenting its full range of glass, electronic and chemical products that empower solar efficiency.

EU PVSEC(1) (European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition) in Hamburg, Germany, is where it is all happening.
The latest glass, electronic and chemical global solutions for solar applications are the result of AGC's advanced research and technology. That’s why customers can rely upon higher productivity, efficiency and durability for their photovoltaic modules, thermal collectors and concentrating solar power (CSP) applications.
What` s to be discovered?
For photovoltaic thin film silicon, the focus will be on AGC’s most advanced online TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) range available for generation 8.5. TCO HU will be shown in a sneak preview, as it is still under development. It features a unique coating with a structure specially designed for tandem junction solar cells. The backing glass used for photovoltaic CIGS is Moly, a molybdenum-coated glass. For all types of photovoltaic modules, Fluon® ETFE fluoropolymer film used as front and back sheet shows AGC's strength in the world of chemicals for solar applications.
For both photovoltaic crystalline and thermal applications, the Solite Plus® cover glass with its exclusive anti-reflective coating offers performance, durability and aesthetics.
For concentrating solar power, the Sun Mirox® extra-clear, extra-thin solar mirror and the glass tubes currently being developed by AGC offer the ultimate solutions.
What` s to be learned from AGC Research?
Mika Kambe, Researcher at the AGC Central Research Centre, will give a lecture about the specificities of light trapping in the tandem junction solar cells resulting from a close collaboration between AGC and AIST (the national institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Japan’s largest public research organization(2). She will be speaking on Tuesday 22 September at 10.30.
(1) AGC Solar: Hall B6 booth 93. (2) Light Trapping Effect in a-Si:H / μc-Si:H Tandem Solar Cells by Using High Haze SnO2:F Thin Films – Tuesday 22 September from 10.30 to 12.00 – EU PVSEC – CCH, Hamburg, Germany – Session 3BO9 – Mika Kambe, AGC Central Research Centre.

600450 First In Europe: Complete AGC Solar Range At EU PVSEC 2009

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