Emirates Computers Displays Touchless Ubiq'Window Technology At Gitex 2006

Ubiq’window, the next step in interactive advertising and technology, is a touchless technology which allows unique gestures by reading the user's finger or hand movements very accurately.

Emirates Computers is showcasing the futuristic touchless Ubiq'window technology at their stand at Gitex Dubai 2006. Ubiq'window, a touchless interactive technology, allows the recognition of hand gestures. By reading the user's hand or finger movements very accurately, Ubiq'window brings interactivity virtually to any surface or object.

“Ubiq’window is the next step in interactive communication. It offers users a unique, unforgettable, futuristic experience. We chose Gitex this year to launch this product and we invite people to come and experience the features and benefits of this unique interactive technology on our stand. The technology by itself may not be new, what is new, however, is the way this technology can be implemented and this is our value proposition to the customer. With the growing numbers of malls, hotels and retail chains located in the region, we feel there is a huge potential for this technology," says Mr. Khaldoun Shamaa, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Emirates Computers.

"With Ubiq’window, users don't need more than a finger or hand to interact with the surface. No equipment or training is required. Natural gestures like grabbing an object or opening a curtain are possible. Direct surface contact is not required, thus allowing for smooth motions. Ubiq'window can provide interactivity to real objects behind the window. For example, pointing to an attractive sweater provides users with details about available sizes, colors and in addition, they will also receive advice on matching accessories," Mr. Shamaa adds.

Ubiq'window supports any type of software applications and does not require any frame or reflecting device. It can be easily installed wherever there is a need for interactivity. The technology is totally invisible to the user.

Ubiq’window technology allows the creation of an interactive field which means that any surface, from walls to paper to glass panels can be immediately turned into interactive displays. Objects crossing the interactive sensor field can be detected and their motion translated into actions. This results in an innovative, contemporary interface between people and technology, which is not only incredibly attractive but also a wise investment for the future-thinking organization. Installed in a matter of minutes, and supporting all types of PC-based applications including websites, 3D product demos, multimedia content and games, Ubiq’window is easy to use, intuitive and immensely attractive.

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Date: 22 November 2006
Source: Newswiretoday.com

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