Drilling machine with opposite heads "Schiatti"model FPD 60 XY

Date: 19 March 2002

This tipe of drilling machine enables the operator to drill holes in glass sheets at least 2mm thick up to a maximum thickness of 28mm.

It is available in the automatic version that enables the operator to work in 3 different modes: automatic - semiatomatic - manual


·Glass supporting table with castors and automatic liftingwith pneumatic control for wide glass-sheets

·Glass supporting table complete of movable squaring device on X and Y axes for the setting of the glass-sheets.

This system allows to set the glass-sheets on the base of the input drilling values.It is checked by an electronic-card, in which it is possible to store different desplacement values. The card allows to memorize a n° of programs on the base of the n° of holes to becarried out, till a maximum of 1000 passages; i.e. 99 programs of 10 holes or 10 programs of 99 holes. The desplacement of the device is motorized. The desplacement speed of the axes is of 13 m/min advancing and 7 m/min returning: such difference is installed in order to allow the operator to work safetly.

Min.distance from point “0” (hole center) to glass-edge 20mm. Min.distance from point “0” (hole center) to glass-edge 2000mm
Min.distance from point “0” (hole center) to glass-edge 0mm. Min.distance from point “0” (hole center) to glass-edge 700mm

·Regulable lines with several supporting points for mass-produce drilling

·Tank and pump for the water recycling

·Laser for the centering of the hole

The machine is built in conformity with the Community standards in force and the production system is ISO-9001 certified.

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