Decorative Glass Video Released to Showcase Livinglass Designs

Glass in Motion - This week we are announcing the release of our first video to the architecture and design community showcasing our newest and most highly acclaimed architectural glass designs.

The video reveals many new and never before seen glimpses into our custom glass firm's biggest and most innovative projects.  This new decorative glass video shows highlights from all of our custom glass collections, including Light, Fresh, Fusion, and Elemental, all of which use a variety of natural materials to create unique architectural glass designs.The video shows the glass being used for a variety of architectural applications, including decorative wall panels, bar backs, chandeliers, partitions, and even illuminated table tops.

Our goal is to illustrate visually the possibilities of collaborating with us on your next design project.

Whatever you can imagine, we can help you create.

“Here at Livinglass it is a pleasure to show our extensive work with architectural glass designs in this video. Our work is difficult to describe in words. You really have to see it to understand it, and to see what is possible with our unique design process. That is why this video was important.” — Brett Lee, President of Livinglass

Livinglass is known for making custom decorative glass with a twist - using a special technique to suspend natural elements like stone, metals, and even plants between two panes of glass. The play of light created with the natural materials creates a truly one of a kind, spectacular display of design, creativity and ingenuity.

To compliment our natural themes, we also offer 100% recycled glass and resins in our products for those companies that want a natural look and who want to make a statement of their support for nature and sustainable business practices, a popular trend in architecture today.

The Livinglass video highlights all these aspects of our custom glass as well as revealing a teaser of our newest line of architectural glass that has yet to be announced. 

If you watch the video you may spot highlights of our new line. If you know our work, you should be able to spot it, because it is something we have never done before.

Learn more about our decorative glass collections >>

600450 Decorative Glass Video Released to Showcase Livinglass Designs

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