Corning® Gorilla® Glass takes on Beijing and Shanghai

Last month, the Corning® Gorilla® Glass team introduced 70 reporters and media influencers to scratch and damage-resistant Gorilla Glass during two workshops in Beijing and Shanghai.

Attendees of these events browsed some of the more than 32 brands that use Gorilla Glass and saw firsthand the benefits of the product during live demonstrations.Worldwide Director of Sales and Engineering James Hollis spoke at both events and gave a brief history of Gorilla Glass, from its first iteration to the latest product offerings, including Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance and Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass.During his presentation, he chose two lucky members of the audience to participate in a hands-on demonstration to test the durability of the glass.

During the demonstrations, the participants used metal styluses to push down on unstrengthened soda-lime glass, strengthened soda-lime glass, alternative alumino-silicate glass and Gorilla Glass samples. All samples had been pre-abraded to simulate scratches from everyday use. Both the unstrengthened and strengthened soda-lime glass broke easily, the alternative alumino-silicate glass put up more of a challenge, but eventually broke, while the Gorilla Glass sample stood up to the test even though a flaw had already been introduced.

Until now, the Chinese media’s interaction with the Gorilla Glass brand has been mostly online through other news coverage and test videos. Event attendees were impressed by the product’s toughness and appreciated the opportunity to see, and even participate in, demonstrations firsthand. The presentation gave Chinese influencers a rare opportunity to have an in-depth introduction to the product and see the product’s capabilities for themselves.

600450 Corning® Gorilla® Glass takes on Beijing and Shanghai
Date: 12 September 2014

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