Control glass, present in the most important works done throughout the spanish geography

Date: 1 April 2014
Even in these difficult moments in the national market our company is still present in many of the most emblematic works done at national level.   As examples, we show you two of these buildings.In a chronological order, we show you the Euskotren station in Durango, driven by Euskotren.

It is an ambitious project that consists on burying the railways on their way through the town, creating new underground stations and freeing up space in order to build up the headquerters of the Basque company, a shopping centre, flats, appartments and a park.

This is a part to modernize and improve Basque country’s railway network that Euskotren has been working on for some years.

A solar.lite Selective natural 60 glass was chosen for this work, that covers aproximately 1000 m2, in many different ways, as well as a curved corner of the named glass, with the added difficulty that the layer was in the convex side of the glazing.

At the same time, the outlines made by Schuco, a company which have made them the inside glazing, had also curved glass of high manufacturing difficulty.

Now, we move to the centre of the country, and there, in Valladolid, we find the most ambitious business project of the capital: the shopping centre Río Shopping where the famous Swedish furniture shop Ikea is located.

In this building, Control Glass A&S has given to the prestigious Teulades the courtain walls to join the zones among the shops of the mall, as well as the two big round skylights that are situated in one of the main entrances.

For this work we have used one of the best Guardian Glass’ selective glasses, such as Sunguard HP 60/40, that pleases the visitors in the mall with great comfort, and a perfect view of the outside.

600450 Control glass, present in the most important works done throughout the spanish geography
Date: 1 April 2014

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