Asahi Glass : AGC Expands Product Lineup of "PairPlus(R)"for Energy-Saving Window Remodeling -- Will Launch Competitively-Priced Ecoglass, "PairPlus(R) Air" --

Date: 29 September 2011
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - AGC Expands Product Lineup of “PairPlus®”for Energy-Saving Window Remodeling -- Will Launch Competitively-Priced Ecoglass*1, “PairPlus® Air”Tokyo, September 28, 2011 – AGC announced today that it will significantly expand the product lineup of the “PairPlus®” series from October 3, 2011.

With the expansion of “PairPlus®”, Ecoglass for energy-saving window remodeling, consumers will be able to replace conventional window glass with Ecoglass at lower cost. In addition, it will also enable energy-efficient window remodeling on the mid and upper levels of buildings by simply replacing glass, where it has been difficult to replace single-glazed glass with Ecoglass.

Against the backdrop of rising environmental awareness in recent years, the market for energy-saving window remodeling has been growing rapidly. AGC’s PairPlus®, which was released in February 2009, has been increasingly used in a wide range of buildings from single-family housing and condominium units to schools and commercial buildings as it is highly evaluated for its distinctive features including “high heat-shielding in summer and thermal insulation in winter helps to save energy all year around by cutting utility costs for air-conditioning by about 20 percent (in Tokyo) *2” and “the unit can be mounted to existing single glazing sashes with a simpleinstallation procedure that requires only 30 to 60 minutes per window.”

While demand for Ecoglass has been rising, we have also identified various needs among customers, such as the demand for Ecoglass that is competitively-priced at the expense of high thermal insulation performance in winter, Ecoglass that can be attached to a single glazing sash in rooms on the mid and upper levels of buildings where materials must have wind pressure resistance, and Ecoglass made of thick glass that is suitable for installation in glass-fronted premises.

In response to such customer requests, AGC will significantly enhance its Ecoglass product lineup as described below.

(1) AGC will launch sales of “PairPlus® Air,” a new product priced about 14% less than existing products (reference price), which is achieved by filling dry air in the air layer between two sheets of glass, instead of argon gas as with existing products.(2) All components of “PairPlus®” and “PairPlus® Air” have wind pressure resistance up to2800 Pa, making them suitable for installation in rooms on the mid and upper levels of buildings where wind pressure is strong.(3) Products with thick glass (18 mm in total thickness), which are suitable for use in glass-fronted premises, will be added to the PairPlus® series.

As a company that contributes to creating a sustainable society, AGC is committed to improving the indoor environment of housing, office buildings, and commercial establishments and helping to fight climate change through various new product development.

*1 Ecoglass is the common name for Low-E double-glazed products manufactured by three members of the Flat Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., and Central Glass Co., Ltd.) that satisfy next-generation energy-saving standards with only a lace curtain drawn over a window.

Flat Glass Manufacturers Association of Japan webpage on Ecoglass: Note: “PairPlus® Air” with the air layer of 5 mm or less is not classified as Ecoglass.

*2 Calculated based on the following assumptions.

Housing model: Next-generation energy-saving standard evaluation model (Two-story house with a total floor area of 125.88 m2/Aperture ratio of 25%)

Calculation program: SMASH ver.2.0

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Features of PairPlus®

PairPlus® incorporates an attachment frame for Ecoglass (Low-E double glazing) so the unit can be installed to a single glazing sash used in an existing house.

600450 Asahi Glass : AGC Expands Product Lineup of "PairPlus(R)"for Energy-Saving Window Remodeling -- Will Launch Competitively-Priced Ecoglass, "PairPlus(R) Air" --
Date: 29 September 2011

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