Applied Materials Launches Breakthrough PVD System For Gen 8.5 Flat Panel Display Manufacturing

Applied Materials, Inc.expanded its solutions for TFT-LCD(1) flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing, with the launch of its breakthrough AKT-PiVot™ 55KV PVD(1) system for depositing metal and TCO(1) materials on Gen 8.5 (5.5m2) glass substrates.

The new system combines key innovations with Applied’s field-proven components to provide customers with a unique, high-reliability PVD tool specifically designed to increase the productivity and reduce the cost of manufacturing large-sized LCD TV panels.

The AKT-PiVot system’s module architecture delivers significantly faster cycle time and nearly 3x higher target utilization than any competitive system, and enables a large variety of configurations to maximize production efficiency. Unlike traditional in-line systems, the AKT-PiVot’s parallel processing capability eliminates bottlenecks caused by different process times for each film layer. The system’s cluster-like arrangement also allows continuous operation during individual module maintenance.

“The growth of the large-size LCD TV market depends on continuous cost reductions in panel manufacturing, especially in the cost of materials and equipment cost-of-ownership,” said In Doo Kang, general manager of Applied’s Display Business Group. “Our AKT-PiVot system answers this critical need, providing an unmatched, low cost-of-ownership solution to large-area PVD manufacturing. The system’s novel design integrates proven components, including the company’s proprietary rotary target technology, to create a unique, high-throughput, low-risk PVD system. The PiVot system is a powerful addition to our strong portfolio of FPD systems, covering PECVD(1), PVD for the color filter ITO(1) layer, and electron beam array test technologies, designed to help customers achieve high-productivity, cost-effective manufacturing.”

Each deposition module of the PiVot system features an array of large-volume, rotary targets that have >4x longer lifetime than conventional planar targets. The PiVot system’s deposition modules feature an innovative pre-sputter unit that enables target conditioning using only one substrate, rather than up to 50 substrates that are needed with other systems to achieve the same results.

The AKT-PiVot 55KV PVD system will be showcased at Applied’s booth at FPD International 2007 in Yokohama, Japan, on October 24-26, 2007, as part of Applied’s portfolio of advanced flat panel manufacturing solutions.

600450 Applied Materials Launches Breakthrough PVD System For Gen 8.5 Flat Panel Display Manufacturing
Date: 24 October 2007

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