AGC: Artlite Digital - the new generation of AGC enamelled decorative glass

Date: 4 November 2009
Source: AGC
Adding images, text and graphics to your glass can give your building a personal touch. Now, thanks to AGC’s new digital printing process and the recently launched Artlite Digital range, you can reproduce photos on different sized glasses and specify any colour you want.

The possibilities are endless!
Technological development
AGC's Artlite range of silk-screen printed glass has been meeting the growing demand for decorative glasses in architecture and decoration for some time now. These nice products have served building and design professionals very well indeed. With its range of geometric and figurative designs, the Artlite range already offered plenty of room for creativity and customisation.
Due to advances in technology, Artlite Digital glasses – produced at AGC Mirodan Industrie in Belgium – have taken on new dimensions and inspired fresh applications.
Artlite Digital – adding customised designs
Artlite Digital is enamelled glass printed by using a digital process. This digital process offers many benefits:
-       the high-resolution pattern printed on the glass is of superior quality. AGC models the image to ensure the best possible result ;
-       the printing takes place in layers, enabling different levels of image opacity depending on the desired effect (from transparent to completely opaque) ;
-       the choice of patterns is unlimited (customised printing) ;
-       multiple colours can be applied to a given glass and to different types of glass ;
-       it is now possible to process small batches of glasses ;
-       glass size can vary according to requirements (from a minimum of 300 x 120mm to a maximum of 2400 x 3700mm) ;
-       glass thickness can also be adapted to suit technical requirements (from 4 to 19mm) ;
-       an image can be divided into sections like a puzzle and then put back together by placing digital printed glasses side by side.
Tough enough!
After printing, Artlite Digital glasses undergo a toughening process which not only strengthens the glass, but also makes the image resistant to moisture, abrasion and UV rays.
Now architects, contractors and designers have a multitude of options for bringing façades to life and decorating interior spaces just the way they want.

600450 AGC: Artlite Digital - the new generation of AGC enamelled decorative glass
Date: 4 November 2009
Source: AGC

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