5 Ways Electric Smart Glass Lends Itself to Advertising Efforts

5 Ways Electric Smart Glass Lends Itself to Advertising Efforts
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Smart glass is even now being cleverly used in marketing advertising efforts and is perfect for adding a creative edge to any campaign or marketing effort.

Electric smart glass is an innovative technology, and so the realm of possible applications are endless. From residential designs to art installations, to corporate offices and even medical facilities, smart glass has been installed worldwide.

Smart glass is even now being cleverly used in marketing advertising efforts and is perfect for adding a creative edge to any campaign or marketing effort.

The following are five of many ways that electric glass can enhance corporate advertising.


1. Turn buildings into billboards

Installing smart glass in the exterior of a building has multiple benefits, but one advantage for advertising is the ability to use it as a projection screen.

When the glass is in the opaque mode, it makes the perfect blank canvas to project your latest marketing efforts across. The best part of this is how customisable it can be.

Unlike traditional billboards, the design can be changed easily or switched off in a split second by turning the glass back to transparent.


2. Catch attention with interactive displays

Electric smart glass can be triggered by motion sensors, making it the perfect addition to an advertising display.

By having the glass change from its opaque mode when someone walks by, businesses can catch the eye of customers with anything from a projected advert, or even make a powerful statement with a business logo.

Depending on how the glass panels are set up, the display can continue to change when users move in front of it.

For example, you could have a series of panels change from Opaque to transparent as passer-by’s move along them, or you could even incorporate a touch screen element.


3. Brand your building

Showcasing a company brand is one of the most important aspects of advertising. Electric smart glass can aid in this endeavour by allowing a company’s branded colours to be used throughout the building.

The glass can be customized to display many colours when in the opaque mode, meaning brand identity can be demonstrated in windows, dividing partitions, and even door panels.


4. Grab attention with innovative designs

Whether showcasing a product or redesigning a company HQ, a brand needs to command attention. Electric glass is an innovative technology, that will undoubtedly aid with achieving this goal in advertising efforts.

Regardless of whether a company is creating a conceptual product, like this transparent car showcased live on Top Gear, or trying to get the company building to draw attention, like The Globe of Science and Innovation, Cern the glass will demand the attention of potential clients’.


5. Easily transition store windows

Switchable electric glass also enables store windows to be easily changed, without accidently unveiling behind the scenes work.

By turning the panes opaque, mannequins and store displays can be changed in privacy, with a grand reveal at the end. The glass can also be used to enhance the displays, by having designs projected onto the panes.

Moreover, where space is an issue, smart glass can also be used in lieu of window displays and allow interactive décor to amaze your customers instead.

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