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Established in 1989, today GLASMIK d.o.o. one of the most successful distributors of glass and glassware in Slovenia. With advantages such as: experience, a wide range of products, competitive prices and fast and quality delivery, it offers you all the features of a reliable partner.

The Glasmik Branch Maribor was established in 2004 due to the growth of demand of glass in Eastern Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of glass distribution and equipment for glass processing, we offer our clients a variety of quality glass products, machines, accessories and tools at competitive prices, quick delivery and good service.

Our range of products includes all types of glass, machinery, diamond and polishing wheels, fittings, raw materials for insulated glass and lamination, etc. 

The Glasmik team of experts takes care of all the details and offers consultation and engineering services for the processing, transformation and use of flat glass. We will exceed your expectations with high quality service and fast delivery.

We only work with trusted brands from the glass sector like AGC, Pilkington, Guardian Glass, Saint Gobain, Sisecam, Vitrealspecchi, Antique Mirror, Bohle, Everlam, Satinal, Ekamant, Solvay, Vetrolux, BDT, Vincent Tyrolit, RBM, Oxidal, Aluvetro, Massimo Logli, MGT, GH-Italy, GLM, Arkema, Nedex, Edgetech, Fenzi, Alu Pro, Tecglass, Denver, Forel, Macotec, Schiatti Angelo, F.lli Pezza, Schiavotech,  Immmes, Elephant, Tornati, Sparklike, MAPPI, etc.

We supply our products to all Western European countries, as well as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Hungary and Slovakia. We speak Slovenian, Italian, English, Croatian, Serbian and Romanian.


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5290 Šempeter pri Gorici 
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Limbuška cesta, 2
2341 Limbuš
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All types of glass
We deliver a variety of different types of glass and glass products with a wide range of thickness and dimensions.
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Float glass

Float glass is the basic glass material for glass processing with its flat surface and uniform thickness. It can be delivered in a variety of thickness and sizes.

Float Glass

Colored glass or Tinted glass 

Colored glass is used for UV protection as it reduces the amount of light transmitted through the glass. It also offers more privacy, because the view from outside is reduced, but at the same time it maintains transparency from the inside.
Tinted Glass

Extra clear glass

It can be used for all sorts of applications, especially for decorative details for furniture, shop facades, showcases and is also suitable for atriums and roofing where good transparency is needed.

Clear Glass

Reflective glass 

Reflective glass offers a mirrored effect due to a metal coating applied on one side of the glass. Reflective glass allows for good solar control and good reflection. It is used for offices and commercial offices, industrial buildings etc.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a strong material and is harder to break than ordinary glass. Apart from its durability, it has good UV protection and better thermal and insulation properties. Laminated glass is made up of two or more glass plates joined together by a plastic film. If the glass breaks, the fragments remain glued.

Laminated Glass

Patterned glass or Decorative glass

Glass can be printed with different decorative patterns that can have several purposes; decorative or to give more privacy. The products are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and designs.

Patterned Glass

Wired glass

A wire mesh is added into the glass in order to prevent breakage. This solution allows to give the glass an excellent resistance to impact.

Wired Glass

Madras glass 

Madras® is a trademark indicating a wide range of glass products for Architecture and Design manufactured by Vitrealspecchi, an Italian company specializing in the chemical processing of flat glass. Its experience in this field is unique in the world: the first satin-finish glass plates to be produced industrially were Vitrealspecchi’s, over 50 years ago. Everyday since then, in the same facility in Italy, Vitrealspecchi has been transforming factory produced float glass into prestige materials for interiors and exteriors.

Madras Glass

Low-e glass

Low-e glass has a deposit of metallic origin on one side of the glass, which gives the glass a thermal property. Mounted in insulating glass, reduces heat loss in the colder periods.

Low-e Glass


The U-glass fulfills modern architectural requirements. Because of the U shape it can be installed at large or tall unit lengths without any need for additional horizontal or vertical support.


Tools for glaziers
Presentation of all the tools used for working with glass.
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We supply our customers a wide range of glazing tools for glass management, processing and mounting like;

  • UV glue:  suitable for bonding glass, it gives the product high strength and anti-shock capabilities
  • Cutting knives; with wooden handles, lead inlay and 100mm forged blade. The knives are made in Germany.
  • Breaking clamps:  for breaking glass into smaller pieces
  • Gloves
  • Oils
  • Protection liquid for sandblasting glass
  • Sugar pats
  • Cerium oxide: for glass decolorization process
  • Aluminum oxid; a basic ingredient in many types of glass
  • Silicone; different types of silicones for different usages
  • Cartridges
Hardware and fittings
All the neccessary hardware for shower systems as well as other fittings.
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We offer our clients shower systems with glass doors and glass door fittings with a wide variety of handles to choose from. 

We also provide balustrades made of glass, that are made with tempered or laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 21,5mm.

Diamond and polishing Tools
Our offer of different tools for finishing work on glass.
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We offer different types of diamond and polishing tools, such as: 

  • Diamond and polishing wheels: diamond drills, segmented cutting discs for safety glass, cutting router, metal bond trapezoidal and pencil edge peripheral wheels, metal or resin bond cup wheels, etc.
  • Drills for different purposes: drill HABIT, drill for Bavelloni, blind drill for glass, extensible drill, core drill with segmented counter-sink for machines Schraml, drills for machine Forvet, drills for Schraml machine, drills for counter-sink. drills for type CNC, drills mignon, drills continue crown brass, drills in iron crown continue, inox core drill, etc. 
  • Counter-sink: a suitable tool for countersinking holes of different diameters
  • Milling cutter for cnc and manual machines
  • Grinding and polishing belts such as RKJFO or grit aluminum oxide, EKA9403XY or grit ceramic, EKA102XY or grit zirconium, TEKA101YY or Grit Silicon carbide, EKA400J, RKXO
Materials for the production of insulating glass
Our selection of materials needed for the production of insulating glass.
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We offer all the necessary materials for the production of insulating glass, like;

  • aluminium profile,
  • inox profile,
  • flexible and warm edge profiles,
  • decorative profiles,
  • thermoplastic spacers (TPS),
  • all sorts of sealants (such as butyl, polyurethane and polysulfide),
  • hot-melt,
  • glass binder silicons,
  • 3A° molecular sieves,
  • etc...
Lamination interlayer and accessories
All the neccessary materials for laminating the glass.
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We offer our clients all types of lamination interlayer materials and accessories such as EVA, PVB, green lamination tape, silicon bags and foil cutters:

  • EVA: also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate is placed between two or more layers of glass in order to keep the glass together when it is shattered. 
  • PVB: we offer three main types of PVB FILM (Everlam super tough for extra strength and safety, Everlam white for natural light and soft colors, Everlam cool for more efficient solar heat control)
  • Green lamination tape: heat resistant tape for preventing the escape of eva which is between the two glasses
  • Silicone bag: also known as a vacuum bag, made of silicone rubber material. It helps pump out the air between the glass and EVA film.
  • Foil cutters: used to remove the excess or overflow from EVA or PVB film on the edges of laminated glass
Glass processing equipment
All the neccessary machinery for various glass processing.
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We offer our clients all types of glass processing equipment for different purposes like storage, lifting, loading, cutting, sorting, IG line, CNC and grinding, drilling, milling, screen and digital printing, roller coating, tempering and lamination.

  • Storage; Automatic stock selector is a practical and quick solution for the management and handling of the different glass sheetsStorage machines


  • Lifting; such as Hoists for cranes, a device aimed at lifting and moving loads or  Vitro Jet I TYPE, a fully-automated solution that precisely and safely moves glass, even the thickest and largest glass sheets.
     Vitro Jet I TYPE


  • Loading; machines such as the Vertical automatic loader that manages various glass sheet sizes for both vertical and horizontal cutting lines, or the Glass loader/unloader Serie CVB that synchronizes the loading speed with the speed of the edger with sensors that detect glass presence. Loaders


  • Cutting; We offer a wide range of automatic float glass cutting lines from trustworthy brands that meet customers’ needs about space and productivity, like Tilling table TT2503. Vertical cutting line for laminated glass VC02, XL Line, Compact Line, Standard Line, Double Bridge Cutting Line, Strato Active W 6.0., Vertical washing machines HYDRO Series, Strato Active W, Strato Active, Strato Active E, Master Shape 3.7 FRV, Sharp Cut, Star Cut, etc.Vertical cutting machine and Tilting table


  • Sorting; Art.SS, a highly configurable machine with modules for handling and storing glass.Sorting machine
  • CNC and griding, drilling, milling machines; such as Vertigo, Advance Plus, Digit 4200, Digit 3350, Quota 4200 Glass, Quota 3350 Glass, Krea Fit Glass, Vertical drilling milling machines TFV SERIE, Multi-Head drilling machines FPMM SERIE, Drilling machines with opposing heads FPD SERIE,CNC and Drilling machine


  • Screen and digital painting machines such as Vitro Jet F Type Single Pass Evolution, Vitro Jet D Type, Vitro Jet F Type Ultra-high technology that drastically shortened production times for innovative print jobs.Digital painting machine


  • Roller coatingRoller coating


  • Tempering Tempering oven


  • Lamination machines; such as Thermostatic electric oven for vacuum lamination of flat glass 1300 x 3000 or Thermostatic electric oven for vacuum lamination of flat glass 1100 x 2200, Laminating line, Lammiflex, Lamina, etc..Lamina and Lammiflex


Spare parts, second hand machinery & technical service
Everything neccessary for servicing glass machinery and used machinery.
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We supply spare parts for all the major glass machinery producers including Elephant, Macotec, For.el., Schiatti, Denver, Mappi, Tecglass, Tornati, F.lli Pezza, Immmes, Lovati, Maver, Schiavo ..

We also offer second hand machinery for glass processing and handling as well as our team of experts offer technical support to our clients...